On the 7th anniversary of the murder of Orlando Zapata Tamayo by the apartheid Cuban dictatorship

orlando zapata tamayo ozt

Seven years ago today, Orlando Zapata Tamayo took his last breath here on earth. His body irreparably broken by the countless beatings with the fists, boots, and clubs of Cuban State Security thugs, he could no longer hold on to life. His mind and his soul, however, remained strong onto the end. Even when his tormentors taunted him and called him a worthless ni…. as they rained down blow after blow, Orlando Zapata Tamayo refused to give up his dignity and the dignity of his country. He continued to fight against the tyranny, oppression, and the racism of an apartheid regime until the very end.

Seven years ago today, Orlando Zapata Tamayo made a statement not only to the Castro dictatorship, but to the entire world. He showed the Castro regime that you can take away a man’s rights and freedom, but you can never take away his dignity. And he he showed a world that fears the apartheid regime’s power to take away its business opportunities that there are Cubans who refuse to be purchased so cheaply.

Today we honor not the death but the life of Orlando Zapata Tamayo. A life of dignity and without compromise. A life any man who values liberty and freedom would be proud of.

Rest in peace, Orlando. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

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