One of Fidel’s Havana hideaways is dismantled

The monster and his servants
The monster and his servants


How sad, how very sad.

One of the monster’s lairs is being stripped of all reminders of his presence.

The monster had many wonderful places to hide in,  while his slaves lived in cramped spaces in crumbling buildings.

He also had many, many bodyguards and servants, all of whom are now jobless.

Now, that’s what you call Marxism-Leninism! Glorious!

Some animals are more equal than others, after all.

And no animal was ever more equal in Castrogonia than the monster….

Sic transit gloria mundi.


From Translating Cuba:

by Juan Juan Almeida 14yMedio

They are dismembering the security apparatus at the bunker that for years served as a spiritual refuge for Fidel Castro: an apartment located on the third floor of 1007 11th Street in Havana’s Vedado district.

Little by little they are removing pictures, gifts and belongings along with some trash. The metal security chain, floodlights and even the guard post that prevented citizens from moving freely along the length of the block where the building is located have already been removed.

More than fifty bodyguards have been retired, leaving only a small temporary garrison of five men and one police officer, Colonel Nivaldo Pérez Guerra.

Strategically located in District 13, a downtown neighborhood near the Plaza of the Revolution, the building in question was one of the former Cuban leader’s three official residences. Though he had not visited the place for several decades, it remained his legal residence from 1976 until the day he died…

…“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. They are getting rid of anything with even a whiff of age. In the case of #11 (as the building is known), the country’s leaders have sent us a message: ’The options are total demolition or a complete remodeling of the place; if we leave it the way it is, it could awaken the interest of an avid array of gossip mongers; and, you guys, you are to be relocated,’” says one one disgruntled man, who for years belonged to the tight inner circle of security personnel guarding the late revolutionary leader.

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