And speaking of those women dressed in white in Congress


Let me follow up on the post about Democrat ladies dressed un in white.

Unlike “Las damas” in Cuba, the Democrat women enjoy a few advantages:

1) They got to sit and criticize the president’s speech. “Las damas” in Cuba don’t get to boo or disagree with Raul Castro when he speaks; and,

2) The Democrat women got to run out of the speech and look for local reporters willing to broadcast their anti-Trump comments. We repeat that “Las damas” face thugs and the secret police harassing them every Sunday afternoon.

Of course, we live in a free country, and that means, among many things, that we have the right to make fool out of ourselves.

Nevertheless, the Democrats may want to reconsider their foolish approach to Trump. It seems that most Americans are done with the campaign and would like to see a genuine effort in governing, not partisanship.

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