Venezuelans now encouraged to search for food in garbage “with dignity”


Aaaaah!  The wonders of Castronoid socialism.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

A nation with more oil reserves than any other place on earth is now starving to death slowly, thanks to its Castronoid “Revolution.”

Its Ministry of Truth denies that Bolivarian Socialism is to blame for the country’s woes, publishing propaganda articles with titles such as “Blaming Socialism, US Media Distorts Venezuela’s Food Crisis”

Babalu will not link you to such propaganda pieces, but if you really want to read it, you won’t have much trouble finding it.   Just google the headline in the line above.

So, if Venezuela’s food crisis is not due to its government’s policies, who is to blame?

Of course, it’s the United States and its stooges, who are hell-bent on “sabotaging” the great advances that Bolivarian Socialism has made in “improving the country’s standard of living.”

Yeah.  Sure.  Just like the “Blockade” is to blame for all of Castrogonia’s problems.

Anyway, the food crisis is so severe that some churchmen are now encouraging Venezuelans to dispose of their food scraps carefully and cleanly, and to do so in a way that will enable other Venezuelans to easily find and consume those scraps “with dignity.”

In other words, Venezuelans are now being encouraged to scrounge for every uneaten morsel of food.

Vamos bien!


From Foreign Policy:

Dire Measures to Combat Hunger in Venezuela

Venezuela has been teetering on the brink of political meltdown and economic collapse for months. Food shortages have now grown so severe that religious leaders are urging people to label their tossed out food for those scavenging to fill their empty stomachs.

A prominent priest and vocal opponent to President Nicolas Maduro’s regime urged followers to label their trash so the hungry can forage “with dignity.”

“Try to preserve food waste so that people who eat out of garbage cans can praise the Lord,” Father Jose Palmar wrote in a social media post, as Panam Post reported. He urged citizens to separate food from other trash for the needy as a way to celebrate Lent, a Catholic religious observance that began Wednesday.

Palmar’s call underscores just how desperate some in the country have become. Three quarters of the country’s population lost an average of over 18 pounds over food shortages in 2016, according to a survey by Venezuelan universities and nonprofit groups. Last year, over 80 percent of foodstuffs disappeared from shelves and many had to get by with one meal a day, Foreign Policy reported.

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1 thought on “Venezuelans now encouraged to search for food in garbage “with dignity””

  1. So what is everyone waiting for? For some horrible plague to break out? Why isn’t all “Latin” America up in arms over this catastrophe and its real cause? Why isn’t the UN foaming at the mouth over it? Why isn’t “His Holiness” on this like white on rice? Oh, sorry, I forgot. Never mind. It’s just business as usual.

    Well, I suppose this spectacular implosion does have one potential benefit: it is the apotheosis of Latrine dysfunction, so that anyone with eyes to see can be enlightened once and for all–and those who will not see and persist in said dysfunction not only deserve the consequences but are beneath contempt.

    And by the way, the “Venezuela can never be like Cuba” retort to the warnings of “those people” was, in fact, correct: in some respects, Venezuela is now worse than Cuba. Lord have mercy.

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