Evo Morales back in Havana for medical treatment


Three Stooges: Bruno, Evo, Raulito
Three Stooges: Brunito, Evito, Raulito

The charade continues.

Evo is paying another visit to Castrogonia for medical reasons — supposedly — and also for a meeting with King Raul and henchman Bruno Rodriguez (Foreign Minister).

From the looks of the hospital room in the photo above, Evo is in the hospital for Communist Party elites.

But… as stated here before… these over-publicized “medical” visits may have absolutely nothing to do with his health and more to do with hatching a plan to keep Evo in power in Bolivia, or some other such power grab.

EVO SINGAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the PanAm Post:

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, returned to Cuba to continue his medical treatment after attending the memorial ceremony for the four year anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez and the 14th Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) in Venezuela.

“Per doctor’s orders, he [Morales] needs to continue his rest, you know that the president has been working quite hard recently; then he will return [to Havana] to continue his rest, and we understand that on Tuesday night he will be back in Bolivia,” said Minister of Communication Gisela López on Sunday.

In Havana, Morales will continue treatment for a viral infection that has caused pain in the right side of his abdomen, sinusitis, and pain in his vocal cords.

During his participation at the ALBA summit, the president sounded weak and hoarse; however, he was sufficiently strong to deliver a 22 minute speech, in the Presidential Palace of Miraflores.

Morales released a statement from Venezuela, saying: “Very happy to be back in Caracas and tell them that thanks to our Cuban brothers we are recovering.” Morales went to Cuba on Wednesday March 1, and was treated in a clinic on the island.

Before his trip to Venezuela, Morales and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, held a meeting in the hospital where Morales was receiving treatment.

According to the Bolivian Minister of Communication, Gisela López, Cuban President Raul Castro visited Morales, accompanied by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

Castro and Morales
Master and pupil

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  1. It’s some form of Latrine BS, regardless of the specific details. With these players, especially the excruciatingly embarrassing Evo, it always is.

  2. Evo is shorter than I thought. Doesn’t he look Latin? You know, like a descendant of the ancient Romans? Doesn’t he just scream Seneca, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius? You get the idea. Latin my ass–but don’t get me wrong, I’m not Latin either, even if calling Evo that is considerably more ludicrous (not to say utterly absurd).

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