Cuban American to run for Senate in New Jersey’s 14th legislative district

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Contact: Harrison Neely

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Hamilton, March 6th, 2017: Ileana Schirmer will be announcing live on air at 101.5 tomorrow morning at 8:18 that she will be challenging incumbent politician and chronic taxpayer abuser, Linda Greenstein, for Senate in New Jersey’s 14th legislative district.

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“When I was a young girl my family and I left Cuba, and headed to New Jersey in search of a better life. My family has now lived in Hamilton for close to 30 years and it’s not hard to see that New Jersey is heading in the wrong direction. I’m running for Senate because I see my neighbors leaving the state in search of better opportunities and I want to do something to stop that,” said Ileana.

Ileana’s unique profile as a well-know community leader and businesswoman make her exceedingly qualified for Senate in the 14th district. In 2013 she won a seat on the Hamilton Township council, making her the first-ever elected Hispanic woman in Mercer County. She has also owned and managed several successful small businesses. New Jersey’s 14th legislative district is historically one of the State’s most competitive. In 2013, Republicans came within only 1,500 votes of winning the seat.

“When you grow up watching your parents struggle to make the money and the month match you quickly learn the importance of being financially responsible. My brothers and I were taught; you don’t spend what you don’t have. The 14thdistrict needs a Senator that understands how to navigate hard times. I’ve run two successful businesses and a household in a tough economy. Linda Greenstein is so out of touch with the struggles of every-day families and small business owners that she actually voted for a 23-cents per gallon gas tax creating additional financial burdens to New Jersey tax payers. If she doesn’t understand how overburdened with taxes and regulations we already are, then she needs to step aside for an advocate that does,” said Ileana.

Ileana has lived in Hamilton Township with her Husband and children for nearly 30 years.

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