Yet another Cuban dissident brutally beaten, arrested

The Leyva family
The Leyva family: Adairis, Maydolis, Anairis, and Fidel Manuel

Loosely translated from Directorio Democratico Cubano email message and Diario de Cuba

Cuban dissident Anairis Miranda Leyva was violently arrested on March 7 at the bus terminal in Holguín.

Anairis was on her way to Havana, to deliver a letter of protest to King Raul Castro, denouncing the increase in repression that has taken place on the island since the start of the Normalization Circus.

Anairis was already on the bus, but was taken from her seat and beaten by Castro agents Jorge Felipe García Peña, (pseudonym “Ignacio”),  Jorge Zaldívar, pseudonym “Frank),” and a third thug known only by his pseudonym “Evelio.”

Anairis’s mother, Maydolis Leyva Portelles, reported to the Directorio Democrático Cubano that the brutal arrest was witnessed by others at the bus station, and that many of them complained loudly about it as it was taking place.

After being severely beaten, Anairis was dragged into a police car and driven away.  As of Tuesday night, no one knows yet where she has been taken.

Anairis and two of her siblings  — Adairis Miranda Leyva y Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva– have been previously accused of “disrespect” and condemned to a year of imprisonment and hard labor.  They have appealed their case and have not yet begun to serve their sentences, but it is a foregone conclusion that their appeal will be futile.  Their mother Maydolis has been sentenced to a year under house arrest.

Adairis (L) and Anairis (R) Leyva
Adairis (L) and Anairis (R) Leyva

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  1. And yet another thing for the usual suspects to ignore or “overlook.” If they could essentially ignore the “13 de Marzo” tugboat massacre, which included several very young children, they can ignore just about anything.

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