Meanwhile, back in Che-Landia: Kirchner in court

Victim of persecution

From Babalu’s esteemed prize-winning Schadenfreude department:

Staunch Castronoid Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner — former president of Che-Landia — is now being tried on charges of corruption.

Although the charges were serious enough to remove this former president from office, she claims total innocence and blames her enemies for “persecuting” her.

One must assume these “enemies” are the same bunch of fiends who are sabotaging the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Whether or not she is convicted remains to be seen.

Maybe Papa Che can work out some fabulous deal for her, just as he did for King Raul of Castrogonia.

After all, Papa Che is the most powerful Chelandino (Argentinian) in the whole wide world.


From Merco Press:

Cristina Fernandez in court declares she is victim of “judicial and media persecution”

Argentina’s ex-president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner fended off corruption allegations in court on Tuesday, claiming she was the victim of “judicial and media persecution” backed by economic forces, at a politically delicate time for the recession-hit country.

Kirchner, 64, filed written testimony to a court investigating her for alleged illicit association and fraudulent administration in real estate dealings. She is suspected of favoring a construction magnate for public contracts and the head of a gambling empire with licenses. Her family’s real estate company Los Sauces is suspected of involvement in bribes.

A few supporters rallied in her support as she arrived at the tightly guarded court to answer a summons by federal judge Claudio Bonadio.

“I am the target of judicial and media persecution, supported by economic forces, which is unprecedented in this country’s democracy and which also extends to my children,” she said in an online message.

Whole story HERE.


2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back in Che-Landia: Kirchner in court”

  1. I hope the bitch fries, even if the eyeliner industry takes a dive as a result. Talk about Latrine womanhood.

  2. A modest proposal: How about we reject all things Argentine until Argentina’s government officially repudiates “Che” Guevara and condemns his crimes? Yes, I know it won’t happen, but it’s not like we’d be losing much, if anything, and at least it’d be the dignified thing to do. Same goes for any and all Latrines who continue to revere “Che” or at least act like they do.

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