Shocking! Castro regime imposes its own embargo on the Cuban people

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This is not shocking to anyone who has lived in Castrogonia, but may elicit a WOW or two from some Americans.

Finally, a clear-eyed look at the REAL “embargo” that keeps Castrogonia poor, backward, and enslaved.

This essay is a great wake-up bofetada (face slap) to all the wide-eyed American fools who think that Castro, Inc. is really looking for trade deals that will benefit the U.S. economy and improve the lives of Cubans.

Of course, the usual suspects — including the wide-eyed fools who are rushing to make trade deals with Castro, Inc. — will dismiss this report and go ahead with their lame-brained support of the Castro regime’s monopolistic military elites who own absolutely everything on the island and never intend on paying for anything they buy from American comemierdas  dumb enough to do business with them.

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From the Washington Examiner:

Cuba’s self-imposed embargo is hurting Cubans more than the US embargo

By Katarina Hall

At the end of January, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., introduced the Agricultural Export Expansion Act aimed at removing restrictions on United States agricultural exports to Cuba. Following the steps of 16 other states, Virginia also launched its Engage Cuba State Council, an initiative of the Cuba Engagement Coalition that seeks to promote trade and travel with Cuba and eventually lift the embargo.

Supporters of these initiatives believe ending the embargo will alleviate Cuban poverty while helping state economies grow. The president of Engage Cuba, James Williams, said the Agricultural Expansion Act would “increase US agricultural exports, create jobs across the country, and provide the Cuban people with high-quality American food.” While these efforts are an important step in improving American relations with the Caribbean country, Cuba also needs to reform its system of import taxation for trade liberalization to have its desired effect.

The U.S. embargo against Cuba has been controversial since it was implemented in the 1960s. Opponents of the embargo argue that restricting the population’s access to cheap foreign goods makes the country poorer and gives the government someone to blame for its widespread poverty. Proponents of the embargo believe that it is the one thing keeping the Communist Party of Cuba in check, providing justice for dissidents and keeping money out of the pockets of regime officials.

While they have valid arguments, advocates on both sides are missing an important factor: whether or not an external embargo exists, most goods will never reach the Cuban people because of a state-imposed internal embargo.

I spent last year doing research on economic remittances in Cuba. Throughout my time there, I conducted several interviews with Havana residents. Like many Cuba observers, I went in thinking that the external embargo was Cuba’s main stumbling block toward development. Through these conversations I learned that many Cubans think differently, against the wishes of state propaganda officials.

As one of my interviewees, Jorge, put it: “The embargo that most affects us is internal. We don’t need the United States; we can buy things from Mexico, Panama, China.” The problem, he explained, is that import taxes in Cuba are so high that it makes it impossible for anyone to buy things from other countries. “Either that,” Jorge continued, “or the customs officials steal your goods because they can.” One time, Jorge went as far as to destroy a new microwave he had purchased in St. Martin because custom officials would not let him keep it. “If they wouldn’t let me keep my microwave, I wasn’t going to let them have it.”

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  1. Willful blindness, whatever its particular motivation, does not respond to evidence, no matter how convincing or definitive. It is designed precisely to ignore or evade the truth. Then, of course, there is real stupidity, which is an incurable condition.

  2. Isn’t a sickly green Che considered subversive or at least, well, sickly? Or has all semblance of taste been lost? Assuming, obviously, that it was ever there, which is by no means certain.

  3. Because, you know, a dead demagogue dressed up in military costume is really appropriate as decoration for a fruit stand. Cuba has sunk so low that such appalling schlock is completely routine. Talk about degeneracy.

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