Surprise! Fidel Castro idolized in Argentina



The Catholic Church has its canonization process for saints, Castronoids have their own.

The process of turning the psycopath Fidel Castro into a Latrine saint began even while he was alive, somewhat informally, but now that he is dead — of course — the process is being formalized.

This is not at all unexpected.

After all, Satan too has his worshipers.


Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

This past Friday, in  Argentina,  the world’s first Cátedra Fidel Castro was established.

Normally, the Spanish term “cátedra”refers to an endowed professorship at a university.  In this case it seems to have a different meaning: an endowed seminar — or academy — unattached to any accredited institution of higher learning.

This new seminar was established by the communist assembly ALBA (Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas), according to the Castro regime web site “Cubadebate” and the Argentine communist web site “Marcha.”

The seminar will meet four times between April and July in Córdoba, at the Clínica Che Guevara, and in Buenos Aires, at the Anfiteatro Eva Perón,  and will feature speakers from the Castro Kingdom and elsewhere.

Those who attend the seminar will be awarded diplomas.



The intended audience is described as “militantes de organizaciones populares y sociales” (militants from social and popular organizations).  In other words: communist agitators.

The seminar is open to the general public, nonetheless, and will charge no fees whatsoever.

The Argentine organizers — who describe Fidel as a “strategist,” a “liberator,” a “critical thinker,” an “intellectual,” and a “rebel politician,” hope that this initiative will spread to the rest of Latrine America and that the legacy of Fidel Castro “will remain alive and never be lost.”

The organizers also lament the fact that Fidel’s death was joyfully celebrated by Cuban exiles in Miami, and that many compared him to “the genocidal Chilean Augusto Pinochet.”

Despite the fact that the Castro regime in Cuba has outlawed the use of Fidel’s image or name to celebrate his legacy publicly, the organizers of this seminar will encourage celebrations of his image and and inspire “artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers” throughout Latrine America.


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