Obama vs Trump on listening to members of Congress


Love him or hate him, President Trump is listening a great deal to what the GOP has to say about Obama Care.   He will soon start campaigning around the country as well.

This is such a contrast to Obama, a man who loved to hear himself talk but accomplished little when he campaigned on behalf of anything or anybody.

You may recall Obama held scores of town halls to gin up support for his namesake health legislation.

That’s when he made those infamous promises about keeping your doctor, insurance and lowering premiums.

Obama wasn’t big on listening sessions; he preferred talking ones.

He didn’t meet with the GOP’s Senate leadership, for instance, until his 542nd day in office.

The irony is Obama’s party had such firm control of Congress back in 2009 and 2010 that it could ram through the immense bill with not a single Republican vote.

In reaction, the ensuing 2010 midterm elections marked the start of Democrats’ dramatic decline under Obama, costing them both houses and devastating damage at state levels.

Republicans now control 33 governor’s offices and both houses in 25 of those states.

Even as a political rookie, Trump is already aiming to avoid such carnage over the volatile healthcare issue.

Yes, President Trump is a political “rookie” but he is listening.    It will pay off as he brings different groups within the GOP together on a replacement to Obama Care.

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