The wonders of Socialism in Venezuela: Soldiers eating out of the trash

Venezuela continues its transformation into a socialist paradise. The only question is when will Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Danny Glover show up to feast on some trash with their fellow Bolivarians?

Sabrina Martin in PanAm Post:

Venezuela’s Socialist Catastrophe: Even Soldiers Are Eating from the Garbage

soldiers eat out of trash venezuela panampost

In Venezuela, it’s now common to see people rummaging through the garbage to look for food. However, a new video reveals just how extreme the crisis is, as low-ranking soldiers were also caught on camera looking through trash bags for food.

The video outraged thousands of Venezuelans, saying that those who watch over the country’s safety are supposed to be well fed in the barracks.

soldiers eat out of trash venezuela panampost 2

The country’s high inflation and he low wages has pushed hundreds of Venezuelans each day to look through the garbage put out on the street, even while employed.Venezuelans that earn a minimum wage and own a home as well as the homeless, elderly and indigenous of the country still do not have enough income to cover basic needs. Now, some military rans can be added to that list.

In May 2016, six Army officials were arrested for stealing goats, stating that they had nothing to eat.

The servicemen, when questioned, not only confessed to the crime, but also argued that they have no food in the dining room at Manaure Fort in the state of Lara.

Source: NTN24