Weekend at Raul’s

Actually, it’s been a lot longer than a weekend. Spanish tourist, José Carlos Díaz Fernández died in Cuba in what’s being reported as a traffic accident. That was on March 8th. But the bereaved family hasn’t been able to navigate the bureaucracy of the “Worker’s Paradise” to get the body repatriated to Spain.

La Voz de Galicia reports, that no date has even been set to send the body. It is reported that Díaz Fernández had trip insurance. Apparently there is no coverage to protect one from the slow moving and indifferent Castro dictatorship.

Buyers of trips to Cuba be warned.

1 thought on “Weekend at Raul’s”

  1. Oh, well, the family hasn’t pulled the right strings. They should have immediately resorted to the mayor of the Galician village where Fidel’s father was born, the one who wants to convert the ancestral Castro hovel into a museum (read tourist draw). The mayor (a socialist) could then have contacted all the Galician politicians (and not just socialist ones) who have long been very Castrophilic and surely have connections with Castro, Inc. If the relatives think they can get anywhere without suitable palanca and/or muchos euros, they must be as stupid as stereotypical gallegos.

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