Ay! Slumming Brits sickened by Cuban filth

Bride & groom in healthier environment
Bride & groom in healthier environment

Buyer beware!

From our new Caveat Emptor Desk:

(We’re spotting so many of these stories in the British and Canadian news media that we’ve had to shift them from our overburdened Schadenfreude Desk to a new department).

Once again, a pair of Brits looking for a “dream holiday” in Castrogonia have encountered bitter disappointment.

The honeymooners in question caught a ghastly intestinal virus at their apartheid resort and had to be rushed to a Castronoid hospital.

The bride and groom attribute their illness to the savagely filthy conditions they were forced to endure at their primitive honeymoon resort.

All that filth, despite a princely sum of $6,240 for a  “dream holiday”!  (A full seventeen years of income for a Cuban).

What the article below doesn’t reveal is that these two slumming bigots will have paid another whopping sum for their apartheid medical care.

The doctor’s bills handed to tourists are never “symbolic” in Castrogonia.

In fact, they are so un-symbolic that no tourist is ever allowed to return home until the grossly inflated medical bill is paid in full.

This is how Castro, Inc. works.

And God help any tourist who dies in Castrogonia.  Their family won’t be able to fly the corpse back home until they’ve paid a heavy ransom.

So it goes.

Yet, the slumming bigots and voyeurs keep pouring in, searching for “dream holidays,” filling all those “luxury” rooms in Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts.

Groom in Castronoid hospital
Groom in Castronoid hospital

Newlyweds forced into hospital on drips after falling ill three days into Cuban honeymoon ‘due to filthy conditions’

Newlyweds plan legal action after what they claim was “unhygienic” hotel conditions on their dream honeymoon to Cuba left them suffering in agony with the horrific stomach bug.

James and Kathryn Longhurst’s two-week £5,000  ($6,240 USD) holiday turned into a nightmare in November last year, as he ended up on an IV drip in hospital.

The couple, who married in July and live in Eastleigh, Hampshire, could not have expected such a disastrous stay at the five-star Paradisus Rio de Oro resort in Holguin, Guardalavaca.

Paradisus Rio de Oro apartheid resort
Paradisus Rio de Oro apartheid resort

But they claimed that the dining restaurants were poorly kept with food not “covered properly”, “insects and birds” flying around the buffet area, staff not wearing gloves while handling food and the same utensils used for different dishes.

Project manager James, 38, said: “Two days into the holiday, I started getting really bad diarrhoea, which I put down to the climate, but then I started vomiting and I was violently ill.

“I went to medical centre, and I was really dehydrated so they put me on drips and pumped me full of drugs.

“My tongue turned black from whatever happened to me.

“We couldn’t enjoy the holiday at all, we were devastated, and now I’m absolutely furious that Thomas Cook haven’t responded to our complaint.”

Kathryn, 43, a general restaurant manager herself, also said she suffered from gastric illness and was left “disgusted” at Thomas Cook.

“Within two days it hit us, and it didn’t really go away for the rest of the holiday – it was a bit of a shambles,” she said.

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Paradisus Rio de Oro: Cuba for tourists
Paradisus Rio de Oro: Cuba for tourists
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans

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  1. Thomas Cook again, eh? It seems it’s always a Thomas Cook trip when something like this happens. Maybe somebody should do the math sometime. Of course, Thomas Cook is just the middle man profiting from selling tainted goods to painfully dubious cretins like these honeymooners. And no, they deserve no sympathy of any kind–none.

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