Reports from Cuba: ‘And then you hear people say that racism doesn’t exist in Cuba’

Cubanet reports via Translating Cuba:

“And Then You Hear People Say That Racism Doesn’t Exist In Cuba”


I literally just saw a police officer ask a couple of kids for their identification and I’m pretty sure he did it because they were black. That’s just the life they were dealt. I have almost never seen the same happen to white kids. It’s as if whites are invisible to the police.

And then you hear people say that racism doesn’t exist in Cuba. And the funny thing is that it could’ve been those same whites that just finished robbing a house around here because whites also steal. I walk a lot around the neighborhood of Vedado, so I see many things.

Because of the color of my skin and my mean look, I get stopped all the time by the cops. I don’t want any problems. People look at me and think that I’m a tough guy but really, I don’t like fights or drama.

My thing is, I just like walking around town from time to time, finding small little jobs here and there to make money. Some days I sell fish and on other days I sell cans of paint.

I’m not really committed to anything right now but I have to find my way. I live alone but regardless I have to take care of myself. And on the weekends, I like to drink a little, like anybody would.

Definitely not beer though, because it’s more expensive. Besides, I’m more of a ‘rum’ type of guy, even though I advise people not to drink it. Rum is the reason why so many people are messed up in this country. I have a friend who went blind because he drank whatever he could get his hands on. I think he ended up drinking wood alcohol.

Translated by Oliver Inca, Patricio Pazmino, Marta Reyes

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  1. Any Cuban of color who does or says anything at all against the “revolution” can be automatically written off as a paid lackey of imperialism or just plain sick in the head–in other words, one can safely ignore such ungrateful wretches, just like the Congressional Black Caucus has been doing for ages. Massah Castro pulled them darkies off the trees and made human beings out of them, whereas they’d been mere animals before 1959. All Cubans should be eternally grateful to Massah, but black Cubans should be especially worshipful. All those black American politicians and assorted celebrities can’t be wrong. I mean, if Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson and Colin Kaepernick don’t know their shit, who does?

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