Hunger-striking Cuban dissidents in critical condition

"Disrespectful" Leyva family
“Disrespectful” Leyva family

“Disrespecting the martyrs of the Revolution” is a serious crime in Castrogonia.

Disrespecting Big Brother himself — the Maximum Leader Fidel — is an even more serious crime.

If you doubt the existence of this seemingly insane law, or its seriousness, please consider what is currently happening to the Leyva family in Holguín, at the eastern end of Cuba.

The Leyvas refused to show the proper amount of grief when Fidel Castro died.

This is why three of them are now in critical condition.


Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Maidolis Leyva, the mother of three hunger-striking prisoners in Holguín, is desperately worried about her children, and especially about her twin daughters, Anairis y Adairis Miranda Leyva.

Maidolis informs Marti Noticias that her twins are both in “grave condition” –critical — in an intensive care unit at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital.

Maidolis is serving a one-year sentence under house arrest and has not been allowed to visit her daughters.

But she managed to get a report from a doctor at the hospital who saw Anairis, one of the twins.

“She told me that she is handcuffed to her bed, and that she’s not receiving much in the way of intravenous fluids, and that there are a lot of military men at the hospital, outside her room and in the hallways. She also said she is in very bad shape, and that her condition is very, very grave.  Her temperature is low, and she is dehydrated.”

Maidolis also reports that her daughter Anairis said she would rather die than return to prison.

The other twin, Adairis, is at another hospital at the Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico de Holguín, which is at the opposite end of town.

Adairis is also in “very grave condition,” gasping for air and suffering from tachycardia” (abnormally rapid heart beat).

Maidolis has not been able to get any news about her hunger-striking son Fidel Batista Leyva, who is also in prison.  Four days ago — the last time she heard about him — Fidel had blood in his urine.  He had also been stripped of his mattress, blanket, and other essential items — as punishment for complaining about his treatment.

Maidolis, Adairis, Anairis, and Fidel Leyva are all being punished for the crime of “disrespecting the martyrs of the Revolution.”

For the whole story in Spanish go HERE (includes audio report from Maidolis Leyva).