Violent repression in Cuba as 50 Ladies in White are arrested in another Sunday of oppression

Cuban State Security agents stationed outside the Havana headquarters of the Ladies in White.
Cuban State Security agents stationed outside the Havana headquarters of the Ladies in White.

This weekend, the Havana headquarters of the peaceful opposition group the Ladies in White was once again surrounded by Cuban State Security thugs. And as they have done on the previous 94 Sundays of the #TodosMarchamos (We all march) protest campaign, the thugs of Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship violently attacked and arrested the women and other dissidents who attempted to march peacefully together to church. When it was over, at least 50 Ladies in White had been arrested.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

50 Ladies in White arrested to prevent them from attending mass and demanding the release of political prisoners

At least 50 Ladies in White were arrested this Sunday in Havana, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, Villa Clara, and Guantanamo. The intent was to prevent them from attending mass or participating in the #TodosMarchamos campaign for the release of political prisoners, according to sources in the internal dissidence.

From Havana, Daysi Artiles told Diario de Cuba that 18 women had been arrested as they attempted to reach the headquarters of the women’s group. Two of them, Danaisi Muñoz and Eralidis Frometa, were taken away and abandoned some 50 kilometers away, she said.

She also added that the group’s leader Berta Soler and Yolanda Santana were also arrested along with Angel Moya, a former prisoner of conscience from the Group of 75 as they stepped outside the headquarters of the Ladies in White. They were attempting to join the #TodosMarchamos march, a campaign led by the Forum for Rights and Liberty that has been a victim of repression by the regime for 95 Sundays.

“Berta fell to the floor and they dragged her away,” said Artiles. She added that as in previous Sundays, the agents of repression used a red banner in an attempt to block the arrests from view so the activists would not be able to film their violence.

Artiles described an extensive operation consisting of “some 20 State Security agents” and “more than 30 uniformed police” to arrest the three activists. In addition, the operation included a mob of some 40 individuals to partake in an “act of repudiation” that lasted some 20 minutes.”They yelled at us ‘down with the worms, mercenaries, leave the country.'” One of them yelled “bitch” at me several times, said Artiles.

According to the Ladies in White, another 11 women were arrested in Palma Soriano, two in Santa Clara, and one in Guantanamo when they tried to attend mass.

In Matanzas, former political prisoner from the Group of 75, Ivan Hernandez, reported the arrest of 14 women to stop them from reaching the churches.

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  1. Castro’s trained dogs sure look pathetically ignorant and trashy, riffraff galore. After all, such unelected fraud and destructive pestilence (the one called “communism”) could not exist anywhere without the empowerment and participation of social scum.

    They turned their nation into a ransacked dystopian shit-hole in exchange for a miserable sense of power and a microwave, tremendous. After all the destruction they leave behind (to their own nation), in the real world they are not even worth the cost of a Chinese microwave. After all they have cost Cuba, they should not cost any more than the cost of the bullets they should all be executed with.

  2. Oh, don’t worry about this elemento. Should Castro, Inc. fall, they will reinvent themselves as different people (preferably where nobody knows them), or they’ll develop amnesia, or they will claim they were deluded or coerced victims of the system. Yes, they’re cheap chusma at best, but at least now they’re being relatively open about what they are, certainly the ones who wear a uniform.

    Alas, there are greater numbers of the same sort of element who are not officially or visibly regime personnel. There always were, even before 1959, and those are the ones who effectively sank Cuba–they were all closeted, one way or another, and nobody had any idea how numerous they were or how low they’d stoop once they’d been freed to be themselves by the “revolution.” Basically, Cuba went down the toilet because there were too many shitty Cubans (and at least initially, that was not Fidel’s fault).

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