Thirty Ladies in White and a foreign journalist arrested in Cuba during another Sunday of violent repression

Violent repression in Cuba on Sunday, April 9, 2017 – Photo: Angel Moya

Reports from Cuba indicate that 30 Ladies in White were violently arrested yesterday by Cuban State Security forces as they attempted to attend church services and carry out their weekly peaceful protest march. It is also being reported that a foreign journalist who was attempting to record the Castro regime’s weekly violence was also arrested and taken away by State Security.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

Foreign journalist arrested in front of the Ladies in White headquarters

State Security forces arrested some 30 Ladies in White in Havana, Matanzas, and other provinces in an operation to stop them from attending mass and taking part in the #TodosMarchamos (We all march) campaign, say sources from the dissidence.

Former political prisoner from the Group of 75 Angel Moya told Diario de Cuba that “as usual, the Department of State Security (DSE) and the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) unleashed a repressive operation in Havana that started this past Thursday.”

“Because of this,” he added, “several Ladies in White were arrested between Friday and Sunday. The same thing took place in other provinces, where women were trying to reach the churches in their areas to attend mass but were intercepted.”

“In Havana particularly, more than 15 women were arrested on Sunday […] in some cases violently. They were all taken to undisclosed locations and that is the reason why we consider them to be disappeared. The number could increase as they are released and can report in,” said Moya.


“This time, near the national headquarters in Lawton, an accredited foreign journalist in Cuba was arrested and during the act of repudiation by the mobs mobilized by the Communist Party and organized by the ‘Rapid Response Brigades,’ rotten food was thrown at the headquarters,” the dissident said.

“In regards to the journalist, we do not know for certain what news agency he works for nor his name. We do know he arrived, took out his video recording equipment, and was arrested the moment he began filming the mob carrying out the act of repudiation. A State Security agent ordered him to get into a vehicle from Immigration. We have images of the arrest,” he said.

Read the entire report (in Spanish) HERE.

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  1. Well, maybe if the Castro people (publicly and on camera) gang rape one of these dissident ladies and then pour gasoline on her and set her on fire, it might get some foreign media attention. Briefly, of course. Maybe.

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