Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso files official challenge to Ecuador’s fraudulent election

Considering the rampant corruption of Rafael Correa’s regime, perhaps Guillermo Lasso’s challenge to Ecuador’s stolen presidential election earlier this month may be seen as a Quixotic effort. Correa has learned well the fine art of government corruption and oppression from his mentors in Havana, the Castro regime. Chances are that no matter how incontrovertible the evidence that Ecuador’s presidential election was stolen outright by the corrupt regime of Rafael Correa, like his guides in Cuba, he will never cede power.

Nevertheless, it must be done. Socialist malfeasance must be challenged and confronted at all times. It will not go away quietly and neither will it go away on its own. The misery and corruption of socialism must be challenged and resisted at every turn. Otherwise, you end up like Cuba or Venezuela.

Karina Martin in PanAm Post:

Ecuadorian Opposition Leader Lasso Challenges Results of Presidential Election

“This is not a whim: more than five million Ecuadorians voted for change.”

Ecuador presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso officially challenged the results of the presidential elections this week that took place last April 2.

“We have presented the objection to the National Electoral Council in accordance with Ecuadorian law,” Lasso said during a press conference. He also requested a new recount of all votes.

“This is not a whim,” he said. “More than five million Ecuadorians voted for change.”

The politician insisted that his appeal against the election results is based on the existence of around 4,200 voting ballots with signs of irregularities.

“We ask what the Ecuadorian people are asking for,” he said. “The manual vote-by-vote count of each of the more than 41,000 reception centers; that is, 100 percent of the votes.”

“The people know that the electoral process was plagued with irregularities and that we were the ones who won,” Lasso said.

The National Electoral Council officially closed the second round of balloting on Monday, solidifying the ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno’s victory with 51.15 percent of the vote to Lasso’s alleged 48.85 percent.

“I will tell Ecuadorians that I will never leave them,” he concluded. That I will never be complicit to fraud … that they can count on me.”

Sources: Diario las Américas; BBC.

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  1. Correa is not just corrupt and perverse; he thinks he’s the shit–and indeed, if you put him next to Evo Morales or Daniel Ortega, he’s certainly more presentable. Unfortunately, a relatively presentable Latrine is still Latrine, and there’s no getting around that.

  2. As for stepping aside gracefully when you’ve lost an election, which is what Pinochet did, forget it. Totally.

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