Another Cuban student expelled from university for political incorrectness

Karla Pérez

It doesn’t take much to get oneself in trouble in Castrogonia.

Much as was the case in Spain when the Inquisition was in full swing, or in the Third Reich, all one has to do is to associate with the wrong people or utter heretical propositions.

And, of course, there are always plenty of “wrong people” and an infinite number of heresies in any totalitarian state.

Here we have one more example of the way in which dissent is punished in Castrogonia, and of the way in which their so-called free “education” is reserved solely for compliant slaves who question nothing.

From Translating Cuba:

Karla Pérez González was not summoned to the meeting where her future was decided. The first-year Journalism student received a telephone call on Wednesday to notify her of her expulsion from Marta Abreu University in Santa Clara. Her crime? Having contacts with the Somos+ (We Are More) Movement and publishing on digital sites critical of the government, as confirmed by the young woman herself speaking to 14ymedio.

On March 15, Perez Gonzalez was excluded from a student assembly where a video was projected to discredit the independent Somos+ Movement led by activist Eliécer Ávila. “I only found out several days later because they warned my classmates not to tell me anything,” she says.

On April 10 the situation worsened when the militants of the department’s Union of Communist Youth (UJC) met to present “the evidence” against her, she explains. “Members and leaders of the organization warned that those who were on my side would be investigated. Nor was I not invited to participate.”

On Tuesday, the 18-year-old scientist was summoned along with her parents to the Department of Humanities. “I arrived at 8:30 in the morning and the group of decision-makers were 14 freshmen, 4 professors in the department and 6 members of the management of different organizations, in addition to the dean, Osneidy Leon Bermudez,” she details.

The brigade chief of the University Student Federation (FEU), Ney Cruz, proposed the expulsion of Gonzalez from the University. “There were three hours of psychological abuse and they made false charges against me, ranging from recruiting members at the school, to belonging to the leadership of Somos+.”

“I was also accused of manipulating my friends and having a strategy from the beginning of the course to subvert the young, according to leanings of the Somos+ Movement.” The student was also questioned about her relationship with digital sites critical of the Government.

The first secretary of the UJC, Hermes Germán Aguilera Pérez, stood out among “the most violent,” recalls Pérez González. “He used phrases intended to influence the vote” of the students. He told the students that they had the opportunity to demonstrate that they were Revolutionaries because this moment was “your Moncada, Sierra Maestra, Bay of Pigs.” “She is with the enemy,” he spit out during the meeting.

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  1. But this isn’t poisoning children’s minds, let alone child abuse. This is just, uh, building socialism. Now, if the kids were taught to idolize Pinochet or Franco, all the usual suspects would be screaming bloody murder and doing something about it, but this? Perfectly normal and appropriate, certainly for Cuba. Move along.

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