King Raul invites King Philip of Spain to visit Castrogonia

Let me be clear: Zero concessions on human rights

From Vozpopuli:

Castrogonia’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez is flying to Spain this week, to strengthen ties between the Caribbean island slave plantation and the Spanish government.

One of the items on Comrade Bruno’s agenda is to urge Spanish King Felipe VI and/or Prime Minister Manuel Rajoy to visit Castrogonia.

Spanish hoteliers have invested heavily in Castrogonia’s apartheid tourist monopoly, and Comrade Bruno would love for these neocolonialist Spanish businessmen to invest even more.

King Raul has sent his lackey Comrade Bruno on this mission to ensure the continued growth of his apartheid resort monopoly.  He is also very eager to be photographed with the Spanish monarch — or with the Prime Minister — it doesn’t matter much to him which of these two neocolonialist leaders shows up.

Felipe VI and his ancestor Carlos II

Unlike Castrogonia, where the Castro dynasty wields all REAL power, in Spain the Bourbon dynasty plays a purely symbolic role while the Prime Minister wields REAL power.

So, if Rajoy shows up instead of King Philip, it makes little difference to King Raul.

He’s just itching for those photo opportunities…. and for an even greater number of Euros and tourists to flow in from Spain.

Comrade Bruno’s visit is the first by a high-ranking Cuban diplomat since 2008.

Read the whole thing HERE in Spanish

P.M. Mariano Rajoy: My number one priority is business as usual


3 thoughts on “King Raul invites King Philip of Spain to visit Castrogonia”

  1. I guess that raulita got tired of mere actors and singers going to Cuba, so he firgured that it was time that he upped the antee and started inviting royalty to Cuba. First it’s the King of Morocco, so of cause it makes sense to invite the King of Spain now. There are dozens of monarchies around the world and photographing a king or queen in Cuba in lieu of actually instituting human rights reforms has worked so well with entertainers that its time to ratch it up a bit. and go higher. I mean, its great enough if Beyonce considers Cuba a tourist destination, but royalty too? An irressitible prospect! That will get castrogonia a lot of positive press [not that they really needs it with the NY Times acting as their press agent] and lure thousands of new tourists to Cuba that will be intigued by this wonderful island visited by so many kings and queens! Besides the castro’s have instituted a monarchy in Cuba and they see themselves as the royal family of Cuba so its so nice to surround themselves with others that they see as their equals.

  2. It doesn’t really matter who does or doesn’t go, since Spain will just keep screwing Cuba like it always has, for centuries. It only matters in terms of PR, which is just so much sordid window dressing. The Spanish king (the previous one) has already “done Cuba” and even brought his queen along with him, and this was when Nosferatu was still fully in place and in charge. Rajoy is a painfully ineffectual and undistinguished hack who’s scarcely worth noticing. If he or the new king winds up going to Havana, he can hardly outdo the grotesque indignity of Obama or the obscene acquiescence of Don Francisco, so again, what difference would it make?

  3. Charles II, hopelessly inbred freak that he was, might still have behaved with more dignity, being a Habsburg, than the Spanish Bourbons.

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