Apartheid Castro regime launches new propaganda TV channel to bring Cuba ‘more revolution’

Economically and socially, Cuba is in deep trouble. As the apartheid Castro regime strikes deals with foreign entities to enrich itself further, Cubans are forced to live in misery and poverty as slaves of the Cuban dictatorship. There is no respect for human rights on the island and the Cuban dictatorship routinely oppresses, jails, and murders dissidents and their family members.

Cuba has a fever, and according to the apartheid Castro regime, the only prescription is more revolution!

Via the BBC:

Cuba’s slick TV channel that supports ‘more revolution’

Slick new graphics, drum and bass theme music and young presenters: at least in its presentation, Cuba’s latest state television channel is a break with the past.

Called Canal Caribe, it is an attempt to stand out from the stiffly presented, heavily scripted newscasts that have aired on state TV for decades.

The channel is trying out different formats. They include live link-ups with international correspondents via Skype and the use of social media sites like Twitter – simple devices that are common on most other news channels but new for Cuban TV.

The channel’s news director, Ovidio Cabrera, showed me around the station.

As one of the founders of another left-wing Latin American news service, the Venezuelan-funded Telesur, he says this new venture will be unique in Cuba because it will run outside the fixed midday and early-evening slots.

“The key difference is that this will be a news and information channel that’s on air for 18 hours a day,” says Mr Cabrera.

“And the vast majority of our coverage, around two-thirds, will be live.”

‘More revolution’

A live, round-the-clock television news channel might not sound particularly innovative, but in Cuba such changes happen slowly.

The state-run newspaper and mouthpiece of the Cuban Communist Party, Granma, has barely changed its typeface in 50 years of revolution.

The question is whether editorially Canal Caribe will be any different from other channels on the Communist-run island and if criticism will be broadcast.

“This is a channel for more revolution,” says Mr Cabrera, immediately squashing any suggestion that Canal Caribe will be anything less than 100% pro-government.

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