Communism in Cuba: Fidel may be dead, but the Castros continue to loot, plunder, and destroy Cuba

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

The Current State of Communism in Cuba: Between a rock and a hard place

Fidel Castro is dead but the Castro dynasty continues plundering Cuba and preaching communism for thee but not for me.

Past is Prologue
Communism arrived in Cuba covertly in 1959, was implanted through lies, killing and terror, openly declared in 1961 and today continues destroying the island nation while enriching a communist elite.  The full extent of the numbers killed in Cuba remains unknown but there is anecdotal and documentary evidence of mass graves. Summary and extrajudicial executions were widespread and well documented, especially in the 1960s. As was the case in Ethiopia, Ukraine, China and elsewhere farmers in Cuba’s countryside bore the brunt of the terror between 1960-66 in the Escambray.

Executed in Santiago de Cuba by the Castro regime in 1959

To discuss the current state of communism in Cuba necessitates to place it in context. Communism is a totalitarian political ideology that over the past century beginning with the Soviet Union in 1917 has caused the death of over a 100 million human beings and ruined countless more lives.  Wherever it has been tried in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America it has failed causing great hardship. This is also true for Cuba.

Hannah Arendt understood that “the terrible originality of totalitarianism isn’t due to the entrance of a new ‘idea’ into the world, but to the fact that their actions break with all our traditions; they have literally pulverized our categories of political thinking and criteria of moral judgement.” This applies to communist totalitarianism.

The immorality of communism
Nevertheless communists continue to have new opportunities to apply this model on other people.  Which raises the obvious question of why?  Other political systems have their highs and lows, moments of decadence or decline which creates an opportunity for new actors. But this does not explain how communists continue to be returned to power instead of theirs. This is because all too often history is rewritten and lies are passed off as truth. Morality and truth are both made subservient to achieving power at all costs and this is explicitly the communist way.

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