Jolly Good !!! British firm will renovate and manage luxury apartheid hotel in Havana

Hotel Deauville

From our Apartheid Bureau at our Neocolonialism Chronicles Department:

God save the queen…. It’s about time, for Jove’s sake… the British are coming, Mildred.  Yes, they’re joining Castrogonia’s apartheid tourist industry.

Not since their victory at the Siege of Havana in 1762 have the British dipped this deeply into the benighted tropical island.

Graham Greene would have been delighted, I’m sure.

The military junta that runs Castro Inc. has struck one of its customary deals with a British hotel firm to renovate and manage one of their many, many apartheid tourist facilities.

Will they serve bangers and mash or Cornish pasties?   Not likely, Mildred.

(British delicacies: Cornish Pasties and Bangers and Mash)

Will they serve a traditional tea at 3 pm?  Perhaps, but, of course, only for the superior beings who stay at the Deauville Hotel.

No Cubans allowed for tea, you know.  No sniveling cretins or noble savages.

Never mind the fact that the Hotel was built and owned by a Cuban, Bernardo Tamargo Díaz, and that it was stolen from him by Castro, Inc.

The Deauville is on the Malecon.  Construction of this hotel began in in 1956, and it opened its doors in 1958, just before the Castropocalypse.

Expect to encounter lots of Che memorabilia plastered all over the property.  The Brits do love Che, you know.  Adorable, charming chap.

Dream holidays to all!

Mind the cultural gap…. Keep Calm and Heap Scorn on the Natives!

From Boutique Hotel News (where else?):

St Giles Hotels will be the first UK hotel brand to operate in Cuba when it takes over Havana’s Hotel Deauville.

Owner Gran Caribe, one of Cuba’s leading hotel groups, accepted St Giles’ bid to renovate and manage the Hotel Deauville, in the heart of Havana. Abigail Tan-Giroud, St Giles Hotels head of UK, Europe and the Americas, is handling the negotiations of this deal, with advisory from Geskaria Real Estate Investments.

Currently operating as a three-star hotel, the property will reopen at a later date as The Deauville – A St Giles Signature Hotel, and be added to the brand’s highest hotel classification. The property is located on the Malecón, Cuba’s famous seaside promenade, overlooking Havana Bay and offers a centrally located base to explore both Old Havana and the Vedado district.

“We are incredibly excited and honoured to have been distinguished with this opportunity,” said Tan-Giroud. “Our success in hotel development and management, vast experience in construction, and our brand’s value of preserving culture and enhancing communities, puts St Giles Hotels in a prime situation to partner with the Cuban government on redeveloping this gem in Havana. And of course being the first UK hotel group to be granted entry is a bonus.”

This is the first of St Giles Hotels’ planned expansion into Cuba and the Caribbean and this bid will mark the 11th hotel in the St Giles portfolio, keeping pace with Tan-Giroud’s vision for 20 hotels by 2020. This latest St Giles development news follows 2015 openings including The Wembley – a St Giles Hotel in Penang and The Tank Stream – a St Giles Hotel in Sydney.

Love the Local Colour!