Cintas Foundation goes Castronoid

From our Keeping an Eye on Creeping Castroism Bureau.

The Cintas Foundation has been awarding fellowships to Cuban artists and writers in exile for six decades.

As their web site puts it, the foundation has been providing Cuban exiles  “the incentive to work, the hope of a viable future, the self-respect, and in many cases the material means to do well in a highly competitive society to which they had arrived in the worst possible circumstances.”

Well, forget about all that.  Time to scream.

The Cintas Foundation will now be offering fellowships to Castronoid Cubans in Castrogonia as well as to Cubans in exile.

Yes, Mildred, this means that the Cintas Foundation will now be cooperating with the Castro regime and making awards to enslaved Cubans who are not allowed to express themselves freely or who will instead promote Castronoid values and serve as propaganda agents for the Castro dictatorship.

Here is how the foundation has chosen to word their betrayal of democratic principles and their collusion with the Castro regime:

The CINTAS Foundation is pleased to announce that its Fellowship Program will now fulfill the wish of its founder, Oscar B. Cintas, and offer prizes to all Cubans and those of Cuban descent – regardless of whether they live in or outside of Cuba.  This year the Foundation is offering three Fellowships in the amount of $20,000 each:  the CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture & Design; the Brandon Fradd Fellowship in Music Composition; and the CINTAS – Knight Fellowship in Visual Arts.

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  1. The only surprise is that they didn’t do this sooner, though no doubt the pressure to “normalize” had something to do with it. The contemporary art world is as leftist as the entertainment industry, and it has always favored artists on the island over those who left it, regardless of merit, even when the latter have not been overtly anti-Castro. I expect the Cintas people figured they needed to be more “relevant” or “with-it” and join the bandwagon.

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