As Cuba’s puppet dictator in Venezuela dances, democracy and protestors continue to die

It is a startling and disturbing image and one that will live in infamy. Venezuela’s Cuban-controlled puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro dancing a jig as his military thugs murder yet another young student protestor and continue to choke democracy and freedom to death.

Naky Soto reports from Venezuela in Caracas Chronicles:

Tear-gas time

Nicolás danced in cadena, proud of imposing his constituyente while security forces ambushed us in the Francisco Fajardo highway, leaving three wounded lawmakers and forcing us to retreat, while many people, including photographers and journalists, were caught between tear gas and rubber bullets shot at close range. (At least 11 wounded, according to NGO Espacio Público)

A murder in particular caused general commotion. Another teenager who never knew anything but chavismo: Armando Cañizales, 17, had recently graduated from high school; he practiced judo and played the viola in the José Francisco del Castillo orchestra. Armando lived in Bello Monte and was going to study Medicine like his mom, but he was shot through the neck as he stood near the bridge where Las Mercedes connects with the highway and unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

Nicolás was cynical enough as to say: “Yes to votes, no to bullets,” even as security forces were cracking down hard on us, leaving 167 people wounded, most of them with trauma, like the boy who was run down by a GNB armored vehicle as it hit a group of protesters in Altamira, and many others who suffered burns and asphyxia. Many were also robbed, beaten and at least 60 were illegally arrested. Green Cross volunteers were also attacked yesterday. The grim official recount of our dead during protests now increases to 31.

Nicolás’ project

After five months of questionable excuses to avoid complying with the Constitution and hold gubernatorial elections, it took the National Electoral Council scarcely two days to accept the constituyente imposed by Nicolás, “to get even after the defeat” of the 2015 parliamentary elections, said Nicolás: “They (the opposition) won a circumstantial majority, I always said it. Now, with the constituent process, we have the opportunity to return to the track of popular bolivarian chavista victory,” adding that he trusts the people and is confident about victory, that they’re defeating the fascist coup d’état and that he was handing power over to the people “for them to decide the country’s fate,” choosing between war or peace, guarimba or constituyente, violence or constituyente, ratifying that constituent representatives will be chosen by sectoral groups. CNE chief Tibisay Lucena said that Venezuela’s living through a crucial moment in its political history and that the start of its constituent history is an opportunity to find solutions to hardships.

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  1. Just when you think you’ve seen the nadir of Latrine-ness, you get a moronic puppet dictator in a Nehru jacket dancing in public while watched approvingly by minions wearing flaming red, all while the country spirals ever deeper down the toilet drenched in misery and blood. Really, you can’t make this shit up.

    I suppose that, relatively speaking, the Castro bastards were more professional, despite the eternal military costumes, cheap verborrhea and Che worship. And I’m supposed to accept the bogus “Latin” label? HELL, NO. I neither have nor want anything to do with creatures such as these–NOTHING.

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