Dissident arrested for protesting during May Day march in Cuba to face show trial

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Cuban May Day Flag Protester Daniel Llorente remains jailed, now faces political show trial

“Freedom begins in the mind and that is something that has to change in Cubans, they are afraid to tell the truth.” – Daniel Llorente Miranda

The man who defied the Castro regime and exposed its totalitarian nature on May Day has been identified and his name is Daniel Llorente Miranda, age 52 and a taxi driver. He is an independent dissident, not belonging to any organization.  He’s been jailed since May 1, 2017, now charged with “public disorder and resistance” for his seconds long run  with an American flag in front of the Castro regime’s May Day gathering in the “Revolutionary Plaza” in Havana shouting “freedom for the people of Cuba” before being tackled down, beaten up and taken away by the secret police.

His son, Eliécer Llorente Pérez, was finally able to see him for ten minutes on Friday, May 5, 2017 and reports that his father in is good spirits and being held at the Technical Department of Investigations of the Police in 100 and Aldabó [Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones de la Policía en 100 y Aldabó]

The dictatorship’s official media mouthpiece Granma, with out identifying him, declared his protest a “annexationist monologue” and sought to slander Daniel Llorente in an editorial. But what the official media writes about this independent activist does not match up with his past statements and actions.

Daniel had protested peacefully at least three times before with the American flag. When President Barack Obama arrived in Havana last March he could be seen carrying the flag, again when cruise ship Adonia docked in Cuba on May 2, 2016 and on August 31, 2017 at the Santa Clara airport when commercial flights between the United States and Cuba started up again.

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  1. The foreign tourist, another leftist cretin who wants to visit the dystopia before it is “ruined”. What’s new, shit attracts flies.

    I’ll never forget waiting at an airport and observing the type of people who were unboarding a plane that had just arrived from Cuba. Never had I seen so many social misfits, losers, druggies, and disastrous-looking people onboard a plane. It was trash galore.

    What made it unforgettable was the fact that, by their looks alone, I suspected the plane had arrived from Cuba before I was able to look back and confirm it. I suppose it’s been too much too long not to develop a keen eye for it.

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