Venezuela crisis update: Snipers being trained to slaughter civilians

No surprise here.

Following the Castro playbook, Venezuela’s generals are now training snipers to kill civilian protesters.

Instilling fear in a defenseless unarmed populace is their aim, as has been the case in Castrogonia since 1959.

Viva la Revolucion!

From ABC Spain:

An order for the training and deployment of snipers — with the aim of killing protesters — has come from the top brass of Venezuela’s Armed Forces (Fuerza Armada Nacional de Venezuela: FAN).

This order advises military leaders to prepare the snipers with adequate psychological training, so they can fire on civilians without hesitation or remorse.

Evidence of this disturbing development surfaced in a clandestine recording made by a dissenting general during a meeting of Venezuela’s top military personnel on April 22.

This meeting was attended by generals José Rafael Torrealba Pérez, Dilio Rafael Rodríguez Díaz, José Vicente Canelón, Iván Darío Lara Lander, Hernán Enrique Homez Machado and Carlos Enrique Quijada Rojas.

The recording captures General Torrealba saying: “When the citizenry begins to see people dying around them, everyone will stay at home; it is the job of the Armed Forces to solve the problem of demonstrations. Guys, you are going to remember me.  This fart [problem] can only be dealt with by the Armed Forces. So, go and prepare some of your men to serve as snipers.”

“This is the beginning of a war,” another general is heard saying.

General José Rafael Torrealba Pérez: Lord High Executioner

The recording also captures one general asking whether such measures are constitutional and another urging caution, since giving any such orders might make them liable for prosecution in the future if the current government is overthrown.

One particpant adds: “My general, if we keep talking about snipers, we might all end up in prison.”

General Torrealba responds by saying that such measures are indeed unconstitutional, but that Venezuela’s current crisis makes any such concerns irrelevant.  He also goes on to say that Venezuela’s Armed Forces need to be ready to make this move now.

The meeting focused on the Venezuelan state of Lara, but it is being assumed that this directive applies to the entire nation, especially since General José Rafael Torrealba Pérez has already deployed armed troops to kill rioters.

Thus far, in the current wave of protests, at least 43 unarmed civilians have been slain, including some children.

Go HERE for the whole article in Spanish.


That would be a good spot for snipers, see?


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  1. What is becoming increasingly overt in Venezuela is something very dark and very ugly which is true everywhere, but it only becomes fully exposed under suitable circumstances. The fact is, however much we may ignore it, that no matter how great the evil, there are always, always plenty of people willing to do its bidding–and I don’t mean tolerate it, but actively enable and enforce it. It is never a question of just one or a few terrible men at the top; those men must have the support of many, many others, however nameless, to get their “job” done. I repeat, this is true everywhere, and its expression simply depends on whether or not circumstances allow it to come out of its closet. But make no mistake: the potential for such evil is always there. If Cuba’s disaster teaches anything, it certainly teaches that.

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