A brief lesson on “fake history” includes Cuba

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An essay by Armando Simon in American Thinker takes on the issue of “fake history.”

Not surprisingly, Cuba is one of the topics included in the essay.

All Cuban exiles –and many Cubans on the island — are all too familiar with the way in which Cuba’s real history has been twisted by the Castro regime and how that twisted “fake” history has been accepted as factual by the vast majority of the human population on planet earth.

We are not alone.  What has happened with “fake” Cuba history is not unique.  It’s part of a larger pattern.  History is always being twisted to fit specific ideological ends.

This essay calls attention to some of the worst cases, and makes for worthwhile reading.

Speaking of Fake History…
George Orwell wrote in 1984 that one of the totalitarian regime’s principles was stated in the slogan, “Whoever controls the present controls the past. Whoever controls the past controls the future.” A moment’s consideration will validate this axiom.

Leftists have a long, well-documented record of mutilating history and eradicating historical facts that do not conform, or that contradict, their ideology. The Soviet Union was particularly famous for this practice, carried to an even greater extreme under the rule of The Friend of All Humanity . . . Josef Stalin (be sure to see David King’s excellent The Commissar Vanishes; another, similar, one is Art Under Stalin by Matthew Cullerne Bown). This practice was, of course, also present in all the various communist countries, from North Korea to East Germany. National Socialism, another leftist ideology, also had this outlook. To all of them, the existence and purpose of history, science, sports, art, theater, films was/is to glorify and justify the regime, particularly the current dictator. The only difference was that, for ideological reasons, (since History was deified and personified as being judgmental), the communists paid particular attention to history. You may remember that in 1984, the protagonist works in the Ministry of Truth, where past newspaper stories and historical facts are systematically eradicated and altered.

But one did not, or rather I should say, does not, have to travel to those dictatorships in order to witness the leftists’ attack on historical facts, not when they can do it right here at the local university, or on one’s television set, or in the nearby movie theater. You will almost certainly have come across such instances, though in all probability you did not pay particular attention to them, since I have noticed they are often uttered in passing (somewhat like intellectual drive-by shootings) during a conversation (and also because few Americans have a good knowledge of history, since it’s “useless”). Here, then, briefly, are a handful of historical distortions:

Columbus carried out Genocide….

Smallpox-infected blankets were given to Native Americans by the U.S. Cavalry…

The Nazis were right wing….

Nelson Mandela ended apartheid and everyone lived happily ever after…

The Spanish Civil War…


This is a subject near and dear to my heart, and I could write fifty pages on the topic, beginning with the fact that the leftists in Hollywood have cranked out numerous propaganda films praising the totalitarian dictatorship like, Cuban Rebel Girls, Cuba, Havana, Creature from the Haunted Sea, The Godfather 2, The Motorcycle Diaries, Che, Che and still more Che.

In Havana, starring Robert Redford, Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista is portrayed as a blonde white man. In reality he was of mixed race, and in the U.S. would be recognized as Black.

Instead of the fifty pages, let me instead summarize communist Cuba thusly: starvation, persecution, executions, censorship, militarization, cult of personality, crumbling infrastructure, propaganda, exodus, mediocrity, psychotic leader, brainwashing schools, economic collapse.

Read the whole essay HERE


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  1. It’s very simple: the usual suspects think they know Cuba better than we do, and if the New York Times will pull that shit, why wouldn’t everybody else? After all, it’s the “paper of record,” isn’t it?

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