Castro regime keeps rounding up Cubans who protested during Obama visit

Sonia and Melkis

Update:  Several Cuban dissidents who dared to stage a public march in protest of Obama’s speech in Havana on 22 March 2016 have received stiff prison sentences.

 Melkis Faure Hechevarría (7 years), Sonia de la Caridad González Mejías (6years), Freddy Nomihelet (5 years) and Laison Valdés (3 years).

These brave dissidents have all been imprisoned for the crimes of desacato (disrespect), atentado (assault), and desorden publico (public disorder).

In essence, they’ve been given long prison sentences for speaking their minds in public.

Ah, but who cares?  Bring on the tourists!

For more (in Spanish), go HERE.

How dare you disturb the love feast !