Castronoid behavior in the U.S.: Racist students at Evergreen College allowed to terrorize professor

Prof. Weinstein vs. the mob

You may remember the story posted here recently about the two “white women” who were forced to close down their burrito restaurant by leftist goons who accused them of “cultural appropriation.”

That was not an isolated incident.

Attacks on the freedoms that most Americans hold dear are increasing with frightening frequency, nearly everywhere.

Nowhere are such attacks more common, however, than on college campuses.

A recent incident at Evergreen College in Washington State highlights once again the reverse racism and intimidation tactics (acts of repudiation) being employed by the so-called social justice warriors who want to stifle free speech and every other freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Why post another such story on Babalu? Because every one of these incidents is eerily reminiscent of what happened in Cuba when the Castronoids took over.

For anyone who fled from a repressive hell-hole like Castrogonia, every story such as this one sends a shiver up their spine.

Every such story brings back painful memories and evokes fears about the future of this once great nation, not to mention fears about the world being bequeathed to our children and grandchildren.

And if this story doesn’t upset you enough, try reading this one too, which is much, much closer to home for this blogger.

Prof. Weinstein, evolutionary biologist

From National Review:

Another Professor, Another Mob

If social-justice warriors can come for a man like Bret Weinstein, they can come for anyone.

Evergreen State College, a small liberal-arts school in Washington State, has long had an interesting tradition. Each year, there is a “Day of Absence” on which students and faculty members of color meet off campus to hold solidarity-building activities, leaving the remaining community members to recognize the absence — and thus the value — of their peers. Later there is a “Day of Presence,” with similar activities but for the entire campus community.

But this year, the event changed. On the April 12 Day of Absence, minority students and faculty remained on campus, while whites were asked to leave. According to the local student newspaper, the decision reflected concerns following the 2016 election that students of color no longer felt comfortable on campus. This was to be their chance to reassert their right to belong on campus . . . by asking everyone else of a particular skin color to leave.

One liberal biology professor, Bret Weinstein, took issue with this change. Weinstein wrote a powerful e-mail to his colleagues on March 15. Deeply respectful and generous in tone, he made a simple point:

“There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and underappreciated roles . . . and a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away. The first is a forceful call to consciousness which is, of course, crippling to the logic of oppression. The second is a show of force, and an act of oppression in and of itself. You may take this letter as a formal protest of this year’s structure, and you may assume I will be on campus on the Day of Absence.”

For this fundamentally liberal argument and act of protest, Professor Weinstein has been pilloried. More than that, those words — words forming as reasonable a dissent as any — incited a mob on Tuesday. Students occupied and barricaded the campus library, and accosted Weinstein outside his classroom.

As you can see in this video, the mob surrounded him, yelled at him, swore at him, and openly admitted they did not want to allow him to respond. In the video, Weinstein nobly seeks to engage in “dialectic” with the student protesters, hoping to use “disagreement to discover the truth.”

For a professor of biology, this is rather impressive stuff. But he misjudges the mob. “We don’t care what terms you want to speak on,” one student explains to supportive cheers. “This is not about you. We are not speaking on terms — on terms of white privilege. This is not a discussion. You have lost that one.”

Continue reading HERE, more scary stuff….  And watch THIS  video report…..

Prof. Weinstein tweet
Sing on Evergreen campus

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  1. I wonder If Professor Weinstein will remain a “progressive”. Perhaps this can help him to see the error of some of his assumptions.

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