Disgraced Cristina Kirchner to run for senate seat in Argentina


Never let it be said that Castrophile Cristina Kirchner shies away from publicity or that she lacks a thirst for power.

Removed from the office of president, charged with corruption, she now wants to return to politics as a senator.

Aaaaah, the marvels of Latrine politics.

Let’s see what happens next.

Castrofilia aguda

From Merco Press:

Argentine ex president Cristina Fernandez said on Thursday she is open to the possibility of running for a seat in Congress in the October midterm elections, since she considers essential to put a stop to the policies implemented by her successor, president Mauricio Macri.

”If necessary that I should be a candidate to add votes to our proposal (Victory Front), and makes it possible we win the election, then I am a candidate”, said the former president (2007/2015) in an interview with a Buenos Aires television channel.

However the leader, who has a long experience as a member of congress, both in the lower house and Senate, said it must be clearly understood she’s not after a bench, but there are “historic responsibilities and we must all contribute to unity, it’s an obligation we all have to put a break to the neoliberal measures being implemented in Argentina”.

Thus if she is asked Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will be a candidate for the coming midterm election, but by no means “will I be an obstacle; if there is a better candidate with better chances, so be it he/she should run”.

Midterm elections in Argentina are scheduled for 22 October, with primaries on 13 August, when 127 of 257 Lower House four-year term seats will be renewed and in the Senate a third of benches will be at stake, 24 out of 72.

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  1. She looks like an embalmed corpse with too much make-up–and that’s the least of her “issues.” At least Evita died young and never looked this nauseatingly grotesque.

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