NYC Puerto Rican parade flap reaches messy resolution

Controversial honoree

It looks as if public outrage has forced Oscar Lopez Rivera out of New York’s Puerto Rican parade.

The Castronoid FALN terrorist murderer has announced that he will not attend.

Nonetheless, the event remains controversial, especially because the parade committee has not retracted its  decision to honor the terrorist.

And no one remains more mired in controversy than New York City’s mayor.

After repeatedly saying that he would take part in his city’s Puerto Rican parade –despite the honor being bestowed on Castronoid FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera — Mayor De Blasio is now saying that he was merely “holding his tongue” and that he never actually said he would join the parade.

Never mind the fact that he recently said this: “Unfortunately, the parade and the plight of Puerto Rico have been overshadowed by needless controversy.”

Yes, Your Honor, of course, the ethics of killing innocent people with bombs is a totally “needless” concern.

Unfazed by his own brazen duplicity and his blatant disregard of basic decency, De Blasio now thinks that everything is okay, simply because the terrorist has withdrawn from the parade.  The sad truth is that he has once again displayed his true love of leftist “social justice” brutality.

From The New York Daily News:

After weeks of promising to march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade even if it honored Oscar Lopez Rivera, Mayor de Blasio insisted Monday that he was simply being “diplomatic” in public.

Lopez Rivera declined the honor of “National Freedom Hero” last week — and now de Blasio says he’d told the parade committee that if the FALN leader remained an honoree, he wouldn’t have been part of the parade.

“I made clear to them that I was uncomfortable with the situation, and I wanted them to resolve it, and really believed they could resolve it,” de Blasio said at a press conference in Queens. “But if it wasn’t resolved, I wasn’t going to (be) comfortable being a part of it.”

That certainly wasn’t what de Blasio said publicly when asked repeatedly, at length, about Lopez Rivera.

“Sometimes to get something done you hold your tongue in public,” he said.

But de Blasio hadn’t exactly kept his lips zipped — he spoke at length about the parade, insisting he’d march even as others like Gov. Cuomo and Police Commissioner James O’Neill vowed to stay away, deeming Lopez Rivera a “terrorist.”

“I have made my views known to the parade committee. You guys had asked me different questions, I had been, diplomatic let’s say, in the answering of those questions because I believed the parade committee was seriously trying to grapple with the issue and I wanted to give them some space to do it,” de Blasio said today.

“I’m very happy that Mr. Lopez Rivera has declined the honor,” he continued. “I don’t think it should have been offered to him. I think it’s good that he declined it because it was entirely distracting to the issue at hand which is Puerto Rico.”

Uncontroversial honoree

2 thoughts on “NYC Puerto Rican parade flap reaches messy resolution”

  1. So Warren Wilhelm, artificially renamed Bill de Blasio (a definite red flag), is a political whore. Who knew? He’s a thoroughly documented slimeball who is, of course, slimy. Note his language: “But if [the controversy] wasn’t resolved, I wasn’t going to (be) comfortable being a part of [the parade].” He does not say he would not have participated in the parade, only that he wouldn’t have been comfortable doing it. This is classic casuistry, the kind indelibly associated with the Clintons, and he knows exactly what he’s saying. But, in the SOB’s defense, whose fault is it that he’s the mayor of NYC? Not his, just like it wasn’t Obama’s fault that he was made POTUS, twice.

    But forget Wilhelm/de Blasio (who, being a turd, is bound to be shitty). This was not his idea. The focus should be on those who came up with and promoted this infamy, which is not just morally repulsive and perverse but an obnoxious provocation. The focus should be on the Puerto Rican community in the NY area and their elected representatives, who have also backed this thing publicly. Surely the promoters are not lunatics, meaning they must have counted on significant community support–and there’s the rub.

  2. And not that it matters, but Ricky Martin needs a better groomer/packager. He looks really, really stupid, not to mention painfully commonplace. Or is that the new fashion?

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