HIV infections increase dramatically in Cuba

Hey, papi, how about some HIV ?

From our Bad News for Sex Tourists in Cuba Bureau:

Uh oh… It looks as if Castrogonia may have a new HIV epidemic on its hands.

Given its past response to HIV, the likely result will be the creation or expansion of HIV concentration camps for those who are infected.

What this will do to Castro Inc.’s tourist industry remains to be seen.

no extra charge for HIV

From PanAm Post:

Cuba has reported significant increases in HIV/AIDS cases, according to the United Nations.

UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean Edward Greene said this week that Cuba is among the countries in the region that have seen an uptick in the infection following decades of decline.

The island has seen a nine percent increase in HIV infections, just under eastern Europe and central Asia.

According to Greene, 67 percent of people in Cuba living with HIV are receiving treatment. He said he thinks the Caribbean region “has become complacent” on the issue.

Though there has been a significant reduction in the number of HIV/AIDS-related infections and deaths overall, there has also been an increase in patients receiving treatment, which means that infections have increased…

…Cuba has had a complicated relationship with AIDS patients in the past. During the 1980s and 1990s patients living with HIV/AIDS were required to live in sanitariums where they were shut off from the rest of the world in order to control the spread of the disease. Critics charged that the policy denied AIDs patients of their civil rights.

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  1. It will not affect the tourist business. There are simply too many amoral cretins, which explains why Mariela Castro can even begin to be taken seriously, especially by anybody of an alternative sexual orientation.

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