Castro, Inc. & foreign firms sign multiple deals for golf courses, luxury resorts

Juan Antonio Ibáñez, president of Urbas

Very loosely translated from Diario de Cuba, with additional commentary:

Never mind all the buzz about the Trumpinator’s new Cuba policy.

A Spanish firm, Urbas Grupo Financiero, has just sealed a massive real estate and tourism deal with Castro, Inc., to build apartheid resort facilities in Cienfuegos for foreigners who want to enjoy themselves in the repressive hellhole owned by the Castro dynasty.

The deal calls for the construction of a marina, six golf courses, six 5-star luxury hotels, three apartment-hotels, 1,500 villas and 3.000 apartments.

Yes, this vast luxury resort — called a “macrocomplejo” (macro-complex) by its Spanish promoters– will be for the exclusive enjoyment of leisure-seeking foreigners, not for enslaved Cubans.

The location is the peninsula of Rancho Luna-Pasacaballos, and the project cost is estimated at 350 million Euros (392,546,000 U.S. Dollars).

Rancho Luna-Pasacaballos

Santa mierda de los camellos de los Reyes Magos!

Oh, but who knows if all this will come to pass?   Urbas Grupo Financiero has had some serious financial difficulties lately.  Even worse, they face some stiff competition.

Who ever said that Castrogonia was free of capitalist dog-eat-dog Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest struggle for dominance and survival?

A Chinese firm, Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited, and a British firm, Esencia Hotels and Resorts, are both all set to build golf courses at Bello Monte, in Guanabo, to the east of Havana, as well as at the famed resort location of Varadero, in Matanzas.


As if this were not threatening enough for Uras Grupo Financiero,  Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Tourism just signed a deal in March with another Spanish firm for the building of a golf course at Punta Colorada, in Pinar del Río.

And, to top it off,  Castro, Inc.’s shell company Cubagolf has signed a deal with the German firm CON-IMPEX Touristik to build yet another golf course and apartment complex at Punta Gorda, in Camagüey.

Punta Gorda

All parties involved in these projects are convinced that golf courses, luxury hotels, apartment complexes, and villas will attract a higher class of tourists to Castrogonia.

Yeah.  Jesus wept.  Of course.

Read the whole story HERE, in Spanish

Highly desirable foreign clientele
Highly noble Cuban savages

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