Trump’s new Cuba policy can exorcise the ghost of Castro haunting Latin America

As the evidence clearly shows and contrary to pro-Castro talking points, Obama’s policy of embracing apartheid in Cuba and backing the Castro dictatorship did absolutely nothing to benefit the U.S. or Latin America. In fact, one only needs to look at the refugee crisis and Venezuela to see that things have only gotten worse. The ghost of the Castro dictatorship has been haunting Latin America for decades and the only way to get rid of it is not embracing that ghost, but exorcising it.

Steve Hecht in The Daily Caller:

Castro’s Ghost Haunts Central America

The Obama-Castro alliance extends far beyond Cuba, and understanding this is the key to resolving the plight of Central America. Their agenda stands in the way of economic development and reducing the flight of Central Americans and contraband to the United States.

On Thursday and Friday in Miami, senior Trump administration officials — Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Tillerson, and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly — will participate in the Conference on Prosperity and Security. They seek solutions for the problematic Northern Triangle: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

News reports indicate that on Friday in Miami Trump will also announce changes to US-Cuba policy.

The two issues link inextricably.

A turnaround for Cuba and the Northern Triangle will require more than amending trade and travel rules enacted under President Obama. His embrace of the regime in Cuba and Fidel Castro’s allies in Central America did more harm than that.

Guatemala is the key country in the Northern Triangle for US interests, given a 595-mile, very porous border with Mexico. Since Mexico cannot stop the flow of illegals, narcotics, and weapons, Guatemala is an unlocked backdoor.

Those bringing lawlessness to the rural areas trace their roots back to Castro’s meddling in Guatemala. In the early 1970s, Castro created Cuba’s America Department to encourage Marxist-Leninist violence in Central and South America. During Obama’s tenure, he not only changed Cuba policy, his officials embraced the remnants of the guerrillas propped up by Castro.

The America Department funded and trained the guerrillas during Guatemala’s 36-year conflict. At Castro’s insistence, in 1982 the URNG  (Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity) became the umbrella group of four organizations attempting to violently overthrow the government. The four groups disbanded with the 1996 peace accords, but the URNG became a political party pursuing the same goal.

With pressure from President Obama’s ambassador, Todd Robinson, the Guatemalan judiciary is stacked with sympathizers to Castro’s groups. They and the UN-created International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), praised by George Soros’s Open Society, have protected the groups.

The results have been tragic for Guatemalans and harmful to US national security. Guatemala’s murder rate, for example, is 39.9 per 100,000, compared to 6.2 per 100,000 globally.

A recent Atlantic Council report notes “Lack of economic opportunity, weak governance, and criminality has led to nearly 10 percent of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras’s 30 million residents leaving in recent years.”

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