GREAT NEWS! Castro’s busiest agents in the U.S. (Cuba “expert”Julia Sweig, failed-novelist Ben Rhodes, Sen. Jeff Flake) fear “chilling effect” of Trump’s new Cuba policy

“One of the biggest question marks related to this new policy is how it will be enforced. Julia E. Sweig, Cuba expert said…“The chilling effect [of this policy] is not so much in terms of how Americans go but what it is they’re allowed to do and not do and what kind of audits they have to provide to the Treasury Department. That’s the chilling effect.” (Cuba-regime agent-of-influence Julia Sweig.)

Now over to this (unregistered, hence lawbreaking) foreign agent’s bosom colleague in the Obama State Dept:

“U.S. travelers now have to go through the absurd process.. Ominous language about requiring Americans to document their activities, and warning that they could be audited, will have a chilling effect. (Failed novelist Ben Rhodes, )

(Note above how Castro’s agents and their Obama administration partners even resort to the identical language. Any more questions why Rhodes failed pathetically as a novelist? This  half-wit’s version of “creativity” consists of stealing phrases from a bureaucrat/foreign agent!)

Needless to add, any term used by Castro’s U.S.-based agents instantly finds its way to their close affiliate: the mainstream media, in this case the Associated Press: “Of course, the mere news of the change is likely to have a chilling effect on travel to Cuba.” (AP, June 16.)

More great news: As Venezuelan oil dries up and Putin starts demanding actual payment (imagine that?) from Castro for Russian oil, Julia Sweig’s business partners (the Castro regime) was apparently counting on a “boom of U.S. tourists and U.S. hotel-building” as a new economic lifeline.

Though Trump’s Cuba directive hardly “rolls back”  many of Obama’s capitulations to the Castro family and comes nowhere close to his campaign pledges–while not overlooking any of that , Trump’s directive–with this “chilling effect”– certainly stops the forward momentum of Obama’s surrender to Castro…

And THAT, amigos!–is greatly worrying the terror-sponsoring Castro regime and it’s U.S.-based agents. Sweig, Flake and Rhodes’s extreme discomfiture should tell us all we need to know about that!

Word has it that Sec. of State Tillerson HIMSELF supported most of Obama‘s surrenders to Castro, despite their flagrant violations of U.S. law (to say nothing of decency, national security and property rights.)… And let’s not even mention the Deep State Department bureaucracy’s  affection for Obama’s policy…

Point is:  imagine what our men in Washington (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and Sen. Marco Rubio on Capitol Hill,  Mauricio Claver-Carone at Treasury) were up against in this policy battle! Castro’s lobbying agents probably had the ear (and brotherly love) of 90 per cent of the Deep State, and many outside of it!

In brief, ALL the odds were STACKED AGAINST our guys in Washington!

And yet!…word has it that our guys managed to sandbag most of Castro’s legislative agents, even the busiest like Jeff Flake To wit:

“Aides to other GOP senators who were warm to Obama’s policies said their bosses were never brought in like Rubio and Diaz-Balart….One who has heard radio silence from the Oval Office is Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, according to an aide.”

And I mean, its not like Trump has exactly fulfilled all (or even most) his other famous campaign pledges (building” he Mexican Wall, “tearing up” the Iran treaty, “deporting” illegals, “rolling-back” Obama-care..blah..blah…blah…(Heck, just look at what his one-time groupie Ann Coulter has been tweeting about him lately!) 

And hopefully most of us realize that these other items rank a BILLION(!!!) times more important–more relevant to their daily lives, more relevant to their daily struggle for the legal tender–to most Trump voters than anything regarding Cuba. This should be instantly obvious to anyone without tunnel- vision and with a capacity for abstract thinking– even if they live within the Miami news-bubble.  All this should all be abundantly obvious….AND YET!!!

AND YET!!!…Given this Great Wall  of obstacles– our guys in Washington still managed to get something out of President  Trump that has the Castro regime and its U.S.- based agents EXTREMELY WORRIED!….So I’d say our guys in Washington deserve a BIG HAND!

“Great job, Congressman!”

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  1. Maybe, some day, in the distant future, it will no longer be considered appropriate, not to mention decent, to give clearly alien and “compromised” operators with highly questionable motives serious consideration on anything Cuba-related. Or maybe not. Talk about bad faith.

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