The price of communism: 56% of Cuba’s arable land unused

Primitive “noble savage” communism

Need any proof of the failure of communism?

Look no further than Castrogonia.

An island nation with some of the most fertile soil on earth that allows over half of its land to lie fallow and as a result needs to import over 60% of its food.

The figures speak for themselves.

And one must keep in mind that the figures come from the Castro regime itself.

Given the fact that Castro, Inc. can never be trusted to report the full extent of its failures, this means that the percentage of unused land must be a lot higher.

Unfortunately, leftists and Castrophiles have always ignored statistics and facts that shed light on the many disasters caused by communism.

Communist collective efficiency

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

More than half of Cuba’s arable land remains fallow nearly a decade after a government pledge to cultivate it, and food production is sluggish, according to a government report.

Cuba has yet to publish an overall figure for last year’s agricultural output. But the report released over the weekend by the National Statistics Office indicated only minor improvement in 2016 over the previous year.(

The state owns 80 percent of the land and leases most of that to farmers and cooperatives. The remainder is owned by private family farmers and their cooperatives.

Despite the leasing of small parcels of land to some 200,000 would-be-farmers over the last decade, the report said just 2.7 million hectares (6.7 million acres) out of the 6.2 million hectares (15.3 million acres) of arable land available were under cultivation.

The Cuban government often blames bad weather, a lack of labor and capital for poor land use and production, while critics charge it is due to a lack of private property and foreign investment, rickety infrastructure and the Soviet-style bureaucracy.

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Successful communist economy
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