Trump’s State Department doesn’t correct Obama’s reckless phony upgrade of Cuba’s status on human trafficking


The Trumpinator’s new U.S. State Department ranking of nations guilty of engaging in human trafficking has kept Cuba at the “Tier 2” level.

Tier 2 status applies to “Countries whose governments do not fully meet Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) minimum standards, but are making significant efforts to meet those standards.”

Cuba is in the lower rank of Tier 2, on a “Watch List” because its infractions are substantial enough to warrant concern.

But Cuba had Tier 3 status until 2015, when the Obama administration incorrectly upgraded its status as part of the Normalization Circus give-away to the Castro regime.

Tier 3 status applies to “Countries whose governments do not fully meet the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so.”

Back in 2015, Senator Marco Rubio and others protested this change in ranking and demanded an explanation from Obamanoid Secretary of State John Kerry, to no avail.

The Normalization Circus give-away to King Raul was on, full throttle, and no one in Washington could derail that train.

Obamanoid gift to evil regimes

The Obamanoids may have been run out of town in Washington, but their give-away keeps on giving.

Although nothing at all has changed in Cuba since it was incorrectly lifted from “Tier 3” status, the new Trump administration has allowed the upgrade to stay in place.

Why is this?

This discrepancy between the State Department’s incorrect Cuba ranking and the  Trumpinator’s new Cuba policy tough talk could be attributed to the natural time lag that accompanies any change in presidential administrations.

Chances are that the 2017 ranking was set by Obamanoids in late 2016, but the new Trumpkins in charge at the State Department simply didn’t have enough time to review and change the rankings.

Oh, but don’t be too quick to let the Trumpkins off the hook….

Chances are that this glaring discrepancy is also due to lack of interest in such issues on the part of the Trumpkins….

Never underestimate how awfully weak the Cuba signal blip is on every radar not monitored by Cuban exiles and dissidents.

In other words, never forget that 99.99 percent of non-Cubans don’t give a rat’s ass about repression and human trafficking in Castrogonia.

Nonetheless…. “Tier 2” Watchlist status is pretty bad… and a piece of news ignored by all the usual suspects, of course.

Castrogonia’s Teflon coating remains firmly in place in the free world’s news media: no evidence of its horrors will ever stick to it.

Meanwhile, King Raul and his minions get away with profiting from their many insidious forms of slavery.

Not on Trump’s radar

From the U.S. State Department:


As reported over the past five years, Cuba is a source and destination country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. Child sex trafficking and child sex tourism occur within Cuba. Cuban authorities report people from ages 13 to 20 are most vulnerable to human trafficking in the country.

Traffickers also subject Cuban citizens to sex trafficking and forced labor in South America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Traffickers recruit Cuban citizens through promises of work abroad, providing fraudulent contracts and immigration documents for a fee, and subsequently coercing these individuals into prostitution to pay off these debts. The government reported foreign national sex trafficking victims in Cuba.

The government is the primary employer in the Cuban economy, including in foreign medical missions that employ more than 84,000 workers in more than 67 countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. These medical missions constitute a significant source of Cuban government income.

Some participants in foreign medical missions as well as other sources allege that Cuban officials force or coerce participation in the program.

The Cuban government acknowledges that it withholds passports of overseas medical personnel in Venezuela due to security concerns; the government provided ID cards to such personnel in place of passports. There are also claims about substandard working and living conditions in some countries.

In the past, there have been claims that Cuban authorities coerced participants to remain in the program, including by allegedly withholding their passports, restricting their movement, using “minders” to monitor participants outside of work, or threatening to revoke their medical licenses or retaliate against their family members in Cuba if participants leave the program.

The government uses some high school students in rural areas to harvest crops and does not pay them for their work but claims this work is not coerced.

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  1. Maybe I should stop repeating this, since it’s certainly clear enough, but Trump is not likely to do more for Cuba than Reagan did, not to mention Bush II, who owed his presidency to the Cuban vote. Maybe if Rubio had played his cards better he could be in the driver’s seat now, but I’m afraid that’s never going to happen.

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