Trump right on Cuba: When being ‘nice’ to apartheid dictatorships isn’t good enough

Despite the fact that without exception, every single time it has been tried it has failed, President Obama insisted on using the “nice” approach to persuade Cuba’s murderously repressive apartheid dictatorship to change. He gave them practically everything they asked for that he was able to provide and asked for nothing in return. Obama assured us the Castro regime would respond much better to a warm embrace than a cold shoulder.

What did the U.S. get for playing nice? Absolutely nothing.

What did the Cubans get? A drastic increase in violent and brutal repression and record numbers of dissidents imprisoned.

You cannot “play nice” with the Castro dictatorship. President Trump knows this and that is why he is right on Cuba.

Jay Ambrose in the Lompoc Record:

Trump right on Cuba

President Barack Obama bought into an ideology that said be nice to evil people and they will be nice back.

So it was that he let the Syrian regime off the hook when it killed civilians with chemical weapons, figuring it would come around. Then there was this deal with Iran based on Islamic radicals softening up in a way they have not done. He wanted to get cozy with the Russians, and they poked him in the eye. And, of course, he then played palsy-walsy with Cuba, and here was his reasoning.

Yes, he knew Raul Castro has done some bad stuff and not all was hunky dory on the island. But if we trade with Cuba, the reasoning went, it will be to the economic good of both sides and the increased interactions of varied kinds will help induce true democracy. We trade with other autocracies and punishing Cuba accomplishes nothing and should come to an end.


Now let’s visit with reality and point out that the regime of Raul Castro and his late brother Fidel has murdered people left and right, mainly on the right, those who aspire to freedom. There are still political prisoners, the elections are fake and protest can get you in deep trouble. It is a desperately poor country not for a lack of trade that exists with many other nations but because of socialistic malfeasance. The good health care goes mostly to those with money and political power, and much of the education is sheer propaganda.

The deal Obama made with Cuba is not trade with the people but trade that cheats the people. It is trade with the Cuban government, those of high rank and with a further empowered military. There is little if any trickle down to the still-deprived. What you get from Castro is assertions that there is nothing to reform in this blessed land that once may have looked at Obama’s options and chose communism. After all, he leads the good life, doesn’t he?

Then we have President Donald Trump saying he is discontinuing the deal but would be happy to renegotiate the terms. You want trade, Cuba? Fine. How about releasing political prisoners. How about easing up the oppression generally, you know, with real free speech? And how about the trade being general, something that also goes into the pockets of entrepreneurs and their workers?

Naturally enough, Trump took a bruising because this is oh, so awful and there was a chance for something good growing out of the Obama mission and now it is gone, liberals said. Nonsense. Cuba’s only chance resides in ditching socialism, not in bolstering it. That’s what Obama did, and this Washington star is thereby reminiscent of a Hollywood star, actor Sean Penn, when he praised Venezuela’s socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and, after he died, Nicolas Maduro, his replacement.

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