Photos of the Day – Havana, Cuba before the revolution: What was and what could have been

Some interesting photographs from Havana before the Castro revolution that destroyed the city and the entire island. As we see what Havana was before the revolution, we can only imagine what it could have been if it had not been afflicted with the disease of communism.

Via Old Pics Archive:

Cuban singer and dance Lina Salomé. Havana, 1956.
Cuban actor César Romero chats with Mexican actress Elena de la Cruz in Havana, 1946.
A party in Havana where the mothers chaperone their unmarried daughters. 1950.

See the rest of the pictures HERE.

4 thoughts on “Photos of the Day – Havana, Cuba before the revolution: What was and what could have been”

  1. As Don Quijote said, “Pagareis por vuestra demasía,” or you will pay for going too far. Cuba had gone too far much too soon, and if left undisturbed, it would have become intolerable. No wonder the Latrines love them some “revolution,” Castro-style, not to mention the New York Times and company. Gotta keep them savages in their proper place.

  2. However, to be fair, Cubans clearly did not appreciate what they had or how much had been accomplished in such a short time, with the potential that implied for future progress. In a way, it was a classic case of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Lord, the stupidity–only it was much worse than just stupidity.

  3. As Asombra said, “Lord, the stupidity.” Let me add, we f–ked up royally. I often ponder, how could Cubans have intrusted a veritable psychopath and his unwashed, putrid South American vagabond sidekick (both playing guerilla fighter– as we know they never participated military combat–so they were essentially in drag) to lead the nation? Were Cubans so vapid, frivolous and irresponsible? The horrible things is that our mistake is irreversible. We underestimated the castros and their tenacity. Nearly sixty years later, they’ve established a dynasty even singular by latrine standards and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. What is worst, the opportunistic and treasonous way some of the wealthiest exiles behaved when Obama capitulated and aquiesced to the tyranny is exactly what they did when castro took over. In other words, 60 years later and we haven’t learned. What is worst, I find myself asking myself, is Cuba at this stage worth saving? The country has changed so much, demographically, culturally and spiritually.

  4. It wasn’t just a matter of underestimating the Castros, but underestimating the number of seriously shitty Cubans prepared to put themselves at the service of Castro, Inc. Before 1959, nobody imagined there was so much miseria humana and hijeputez lying in wait for the chance to come out of its closet and letting it rip, so to speak–and Cuba got ripped, alright, ripped to shreds.

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