Castro, Inc. seeks to improve its prostitution racket

Rent me by the hour, meeester…

The stiff-upper lip neocolonialists at the BBC say that Castrogonia’s new “love hotels” are an effort by the Castro regime to curtail sexual encounters between Cubans in public places.

Yeah.  Sure.

Translation: Renting out rooms by the hour is one of the oldest tricks of the oldest profession on earth.

These new “posadas” will make it much, much easier for Cubans to sell their bodies to the superior beings known as “turistas.”

Vamos bien!  Viva la Revolucion!

Cuba love hotels to make comeback, state announces

The authorities in the Cuban capital, Havana, say they are restoring a network of hotels where rooms are rented by the hour to lovers.

State-run “posadas”, or love motels, disappeared during Cuba’s economic crisis in the 1990s, when they became hurricane shelters. Private householders filled the gap in the market, but at exorbitant prices.

Officials say the posadas will be cheaper and will help end the practice of love-making in Havana’s open spaces.

Private renters usually provide air-conditioning, a fridge and a comfortable bed and cost about $5 for three hours.

But that is around a sixth of the average monthly Cuban salary (£22.90; $29.60) and unaffordable for most people.

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  1. Despite all the talk early on about eradicating prostitution, Castro, Inc. would be perfectly fine with every woman in Cuba being a whore for tourists if that’s what it took for the regime to survive. The prime directive is always maintaining the status quo–always, regardless of what it may take.

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