Release of Leopoldo Lopez can be ‘a step towards liberty’ in Venezuela, but only if opposition decides those steps

After news broke yesterday of the release of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez from prison, more than a few pundits began to speculate that Cuban-puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro had “blinked.” Initially interpreting Lopez’s release as a sign of weakness by Maduro, they completely ignored the fact — as they have done so for years now — that Venezuela is actually run by the Castro dictatorship, not Maduro. And if history offers us any lessons in regards to Cuba’s Castro regime, it is one that makes it abundantly clear that any signs of weakness displayed are always planned and have ulterior motives. Everything they do, no matter whether it looks like a step forward or a step backward, is coldly calculated to benefit them.

We are all thrilled that Leopoldo Lopez has returned home to his family, but no one should assume this is a crack in the veneer of Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela. They only released him because they feel it will help them in some way retain power. Although we may not know what their dastardly plan may be, we should all know that when it comes to the Castro regime, there is always another shoe that will drop.

However, this does not mean that victory for the Castro regime in Venezuela is certain. There are too many variables in play and regardless of any scripted sinister plan they may be carrying out, the Castro regime is taking a chance by releasing Lopez from prison. The best thing Lopez and the opposition in Venezuela can do is to refuse to follow the Castro’s script.

Yesterday’s events can certainly be “a step towards liberty” in Venezuela, but only if Leopoldo Lopez and the opposition take their own steps instead of the steps that the dictatorship will draw up for them.

Miguel Angel Camacho in PanAm Post:

“This Is a Step towards Liberty” in Venezuela: Political Prisoner Leopoldo López

“This is a step towards liberty in Venezuela”: At approximately 4:30 AM on Saturday, July 8, political prisoner Leopoldo López, a leading opposition figure in Venezuela, was transferred from Ramo Verde Prison in Caracas to his home in the city due to a decision from the country’s Supreme Court. According to the decision, López, who had been incarcerated for three years and five months, was granted house arrest due to his health problems and to legal irregularities in his case.

Citizens and journalists reacted to the news by filling the street in front of López’s residence, hoping to hear a message from or at least catch a glimpse of the opposition figure after his release from Ramo Verde, a military prison.

At 1:30 PM, Freddy Guevara, vice-president of the National Assembly (Venezuela’s parliament) and leader of Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), López’s party, transmitted López’s message to Venezuelans in a press conference. Shortly afterwards, López, standing within his property, appeared before the crowd with a Venezuelan flag, causing an outbreak of euphoria among his supporters, who had not seen him outside of jail since 2014.

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