Castro, Inc. wooing foreign investors for theme parks & golf courses

Never mind those pesky dissidents and their gloom and doom.

Never mind Cubans of any sort.

Castrogonia is barreling full steam ahead with the development of theme parks, water parks, and golf courses for its millions of tourists.

Of course, these facilities will be financed by foreign firms and run with Cuban slave labor.

And it’s highly likely that foreign laborers will be hired to build them and that they will be paid much more than any native worker.

Aaaah, the wonders of Castronomics!  Everything for foreigners, zero for Cubans.

And the investors and tourists will keep pouring in, for sure.

Maybe it’s time for Castrogonia to update its flag.

From Xinhua:

Cuba plans to court foreign investment in the tourism sector with proposed theme parks and water parks, according to the Tourism Ministry.

Reinaldo Daniel Alonso, director of Development, Investment and Business at the ministry, told reporters recently some 140 new projects could be included in an updated investment portfolio the government plans to unveil at the 2017 Havana International Fair in November.

The proposed projects include many non-hotel related investments, such as water parks and theme parks, he said, though expanding the island’s hotel capacity is also a major goal.

The portfolio will also feature new golf courses that are independent of hotel and real estate development, such as two being built in the resort of Varadero and in the eastern province of Holguin.

New hotel projects are slated for Vinales, a picturesque valley located 175 kilometers west of Havana, and Trinidad, a colonial town situated 315 kilometers southeast of the capital.

The government’s tourism development plan envisions building 224 new hotels and expanding 32 existing ones by the year 2030, to boost the island’s total number of hotel rooms from the current 67,000 to 103,000.

Tourism arrivals have increased in Cuba, following the restoration of ties with the United States under former President Barack Obama, with 14.5 percent more international visitors in 2016 over the year before.

This year, Cuban officials hope to welcome some 4.2 million visitors.

3 thoughts on “Castro, Inc. wooing foreign investors for theme parks & golf courses”

  1. And yes, everyone involved knows this is an obscenity, an would absolutely treat it as such in any country like apartheid-era South Africa, but obviously we’re dealing with the longstanding and customary brazen hypocrisy applied to all things Cuba, which is completely acceptable and normal to all the usual suspects. Bastards.

  2. Now this paint job is more attuned to “revolutionary” taste than the Kempinski one, as in a lame appropriation of “Caribbean” taste. Because, you know, Cuba is in the Caribbean, so of course it must adhere to Caribbean standards. The fact it never did so before 1959 is irrelevant, or rather, aberrant. After all, a very important function of the “revolution” was to put Cubans in their proper place.

  3. Carlos, that new flag design is more fitting than the old one, but it’s still too tame. I’d suggest a solid black background with a red skull in the center with dollar signs over its eye sockets. Remember, red and black are the official “revolutionary” colors, even if their true significance was not understood until it was too late.

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