Propaganda visit to Cuba exposes systemic failure of UN Human Rights Council

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

UN Human Rights expert in Cuba exposes systemic failure of the UN Human Rights Council

Human rights crises in Cuba and Venezuela and the failure of UN Human Rights experts. The case for removing outlaw regimes from the UN Human Rights Council.
UN expert didn’t meet with human rights defenders but did meet Cuban spy

The visit to Cuba of Virginia B. Dandan, the United Nations “independent” expert on human rights and international solidarity serves as evidence that the argument made by some that having repressive governments on the UN Human Rights Council would lead those regimes to improve their behavior is disastrously false.

On the contrary it has led to the gutting of international human rights standards and hobbled independent UN officials with a Code of Conduct in 2007 that provides leverage to outlaw regimes in the UN Human Rights Council.  On March 28, 2008 the Castro regime’s delegation together with the Organization of Islamic Congress (OIC) successfully passed resolutions undermining international freedom of expression standards at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Leading to the spectacle of a human rights expert who visits a totalitarian dictatorship and at a press conference states: “I do not know what you mean by opposition. I honestly do not know who is in the opposition.” This led an opposition publication to publish an oped titled: “Virginia Dandan, the expert who does not ask questions.”

Ms. Dandan claimed that such questions were outside of the scope of her mandate.  The human rights expert than explained what she was going to do during her visit: “I am in Cuba with the purpose of observing the activities of international solidarity of the Government and the international organizations with headquarters here.” Recognizing that the focus is on what the Cuban government is doing in other countries under the auspices of “international solidarity” and that this expert recognizes that human rights conventions should be respected within that context, the question of Venezuela immediately arises to any casual observer of events there. The following tweet was sent to Ms. Dandan while still on her visit to Cuba.

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  1. Of course she doesn’t ask questions. She’s an official “expert,” so why would she need to ask anything? These dissidents, or whatever they are, must be pretty dense, no?

  2. You’ve got to admit, though, that the Castronoid minions look absolutely perfect for the part. Talk about damaged goods.

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