Rosa Maria Paya returns to Cuba

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This important press release is from yesterday, but events will unfold over this entire week.

As news emerge, we will keep you informed.

From CubaDecide

Rosa Maria Paya returns to Cuba today, to honor the legacy of Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero on the 5th anniversary of the attack which killed them both.

Friends, relatives, members of the opposition and Cubans in general will be honoring their lives and legacy at a Mass in Havana. Oswaldo Paya, Cuban opposition leader, winner of the Sjarov award and youth leader Harold Cepero lost their lives on July 22, 2012 in an attack provoked by officers of the Castro regime.

Rosa María Payá, along with other members of the opposition and Cuban citizens, promotes the Cuba Decide initiative that gives continuity to the campaign initiated by her father Oswaldo Payá before dying to change the system in Cuba through the realization of a plebiscite with the participation of all Cubans.

Cuba Decide’s Vision:

We want Cuba to be a prosperous and happy nation of free citizens.

A nation open to the world that you can always decide to return to.

A home where everyone counts and we are accepted without fears or hypocrisies.

A place where  Cubans can realize our dreams with our work, creativity and own effort.

It’s possible, Cuba Decide.

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  1. Just some drama queen trying to live off her father’s name–which would be fine, but she’s on the wrong side. Only drama queens like Aleida Guevara and Mariela Castro get to do that.

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