Assembly of the Cuban Resistance issues statement about ICCAS debacle at UM



Miami, Florida- July 20, 2017. On behalf of the organizations members of the Cuban Resistance Assembly (ARC), as well as of the other organizations that work and collaborate with us, we declare the following:

1)  That the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC) recognizes the outstanding historical, cultural and informative education that Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, as Director of ICCAS, and his team have provided, with great distinction and integrity, for more than twenty years.

2)     That the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC) recognizes the need for an academic center, especially at the University of Miami, to study the truth about Cuba, without compromise or ambivalence, and about a regime – the Castro regime – that has committed and continues to commit serious human rights violations and violations to the fundamental freedoms of the Cuban people, as well as crimes against humanity.

3)     We also recognize the need for an academic center at the University of Miami not only to study, but also to be a forum and a space for the cultural expressions of exiled Cubans, a community of more than two million who has had an undeniable influence in the United States. 

Therefore, given this Institute’s mandate, we believe there is a need for the inclusion of representatives from the Cuban exile community as part of the “search Committee” that will appoint the new director, in order to play an important role in the identification and evaluation of candidates; and the ARC considers that according to the Institute’s mission, it cannot appoint an interim director or any incoming directors who may associate with companies that trade with the Castro regime, since this Center, by definition, cannot be under the influence and interference of Havana’s totalitarian regime.  

It is our greatest desire and interest that the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies continue to be a faithful exponent of the reality of the community it serves.

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  1. Well, the kind of center Suchlicki ran was an aberration by the prevailing norms of academia, certainly for anything dealing with so-called “Latin” or Caribbean studies. When one is that out of step with fashion and “correctness,” it is much harder to hold one’s ground, and he would never have had such a run outside South Florida. His center was too redolent of “those people,” to whom there is very serious antagonism, and sooner or later there was bound to be a backlash. Don’t ever forget the Elián episode.

    The fact is fashion victims, fashion whores or fashion fascists are everywhere, in every field, especially one overtly dealing with political matters. We’re talking, of course, about opportunism as well as perversity, but also about weakness of character and fear of being out of the loop, uncool or apestado–and this clearly applies across the board, most definitely including Cubans. It’s a sorry business:–miseria humana, which does not mean human misery, but human miserableness. Lord have mercy.

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