Another horror story about Canadian tourists trapped in Castro, Inc.’s medical system

From our Perils of Apartheid Tourism Bureau:

Once again, a Canadian family is going through hell in Castrogonia.

They went there to have fun, but their 7-year-old son got sick and ended up in one of Castro, Inc.’s “wonderful” and “free” hospitals.

Most Canadians probably find it heartbreaking to think of what this family is going through  — and it IS heartbreaking — but, normally, they don’t stop to think that every Cuban lives in this kind of hell, day in, day out, with no options of any kind.

Canadians, Europeans, and Americans go there to have a “dream holiday” with blinders on, and then, when they end up having the full Cuba experience — having to endure the same horrors as Cubans because of some mishap– their complaints begin to pile up.

A Canadian boy had his appendix removed at a filthy hospital without proper testing prior to surgery.  The mother thinks his appendix was removed needlessly.

After a few days in a filthy hospital, he and his mother are now staying at an apartheid hotel.

And now he has fallen ill again, and his family has to wait for their insurance –or contributions from Canadians back home — to pay their astronomically high hospital bill because Castro, Inc. will not allow them to go home until they cough up the money.

Aaaaah, the wonders of apartheid tourism in Castrogonia, and aaaaah, the wonders of Castro, Inc.’s wonderful, free medical care….

May the nightmare end for them soon, and also for all Cubans.

And… how about that fan in the hospital room, Dr. Frenk?  Wow.  Great public health system, huh?

From CBC Hamilton:

A Canadian mother and her sick son are desperate to get back home after an illness forced Cole Antinello, 7, off an airplane tarmac in Cuba, leaving them stuck in hospital and searching for answers.

Nicole Antinello of Caledonia, Ont. flew to Cuba for a holiday on July 14 with her seven-year-old son, alongside her 76-year-old mother and her 16-year-old daughter.

Towards the end of the trip, the family started experiencing flu-like symptoms, she said. It hit Cole the hardest — and officials flagged the Caledonia Centennial School student as too sick to fly when sitting in his seat on the tarmac in Cuba, about to take off to come home.

“He had a fever and chills, and thought he was going to throw up,” Antinello told CBC News from Cuba. The family was pulled off the plane, and Cole was rushed to a pediatric hospital in Holguin.

There, doctors diagnosed Cole with appendicitis and wheeled him into surgery to have his appendix out — but his mother says she isn’t sure that was the right diagnosis.

The doctors pushed on his abdomen to gauge his pain level, and though her son said “Ow,” he “just wasn’t in a whole bunch of pain,” Antinello said. The doctors also performed a blood test, which she says revealed a an irregularity.

“The doctors started speaking in Spanish, and then they turned around and said he needed his appendix out.”…

The mother called the conditions in the hospital “disgusting,” with water running down the walls, constantly running toilets, and construction happening right next to her son’s room. “There was dust everywhere,” she said. “It looked like a warzone.”…

… After the surgery, doctors told the family that Cole’s appendix hadn’t burst. He has since been discharged from hospital, and is now staying at a nearby hotel. But, she says, he has since fallen ill again….

….”Now, we’re waiting for the insurance to guarantee payment for the hospital bills before we’re allowed to leave the country,” she said.

Read the whole story HERE.

Best health system in the world
Wonderful, yes…

3 thoughts on “Another horror story about Canadian tourists trapped in Castro, Inc.’s medical system”

  1. It’s really very simple: send the bill to Justin Trudeau and let him square the matter with his dear, dear friends in Havana. I mean, how dense are these Canadians, anyway?

    And of course, as usual, those whose vacations in Nosferatu’s turf go awry see themselves as pure, innocent victims, completely devoid of any responsibility for, basically, asking for trouble. Maybe they should just go to North Korea, where they can play the victim card to the hilt.

  2. And don’t worry about Dr. Frenk. His position on Cuba’s healthcare situation is totally, uh, validated by the usual suspects, just like his move to “normalize” UM’s ICCAS–and yes, the usual suspects include Cubans, even though they are Cubanoids. Obviously, those responsible for choosing Frenk, like those who chose the Clintonite Shalala in 2001, hot on the heels of the Elián debacle, knew or should have known their choice was a slap in the face to the Cuban-American community, and evidently they didn’t care–not least because said community may bark but doesn’t bite, so spitting in its face is not only fashionable but safe (just ask the Miami Herald and Archbishop Wenski, for starters).

  3. The fact that Canadians not only tolerate but encourage and reward this sort of incident by continuing to vacation in a totalitarian third-world dystopia is frankly contemptible–though hardly more contemptible than Cubans who do essentially the same thing.

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