Journalist arrested for photographing building collapse in Havana

Criminal journalist

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Independent journalist Serafín Morán was arrested by agents of State Security while he was photographing a building collapse in Old Havana.

He was taken to a police station, detained for several hours and charged with the crime of “disturbing the public order.”

In addition, he has been slapped with a fine of 30 pesos, which is more than one month’s salary for 99 percent of Cubans.

Yes, documenting the effects  58 and a half years of Castroism is a crime in Cuba.

Vamos bien… requetebien!

Building collapses –“derrumbes“–are very common in Havana.

Last month, a derrumbe in Old Havana injured several people, including a family in an adjoining building who had an entire wall collapse on top of them.  

That building was just a few blocks from the new Kempinski luxury hotel and the tourist bar Floridita, where Hemingway used to hang out.

A year ago, heavy rains caused the collapse of 17 buildings in Havana, on the same day.

Go HERE for an audio report from Serafín Morán, the criminal journalist, in Spanish (Marti Noticias).

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2 thoughts on “Journalist arrested for photographing building collapse in Havana”

  1. Foreigners who patronize a facility like this “Hotel Kempinski” are at least as bad as the “ugly Americans” who patronized pre-Castro Havana, only they’re much worse, because they’re ignoring a much greater evil. The world doesn’t give a shit because it’s full of it, but the matter could hardly be more obvious.

    Never forget how lightly Cuba’s tragedy has been taken all these years, how it has essentially been mocked, as if it were a lark or a joke. If that were only indifference it might be understandable, but we’re talking about grotesque opportunism and collaborationism. In other words, we’re talking HIJEPUTEZ.

  2. Whoever came up with that awful gray paint scheme is an idiot. It makes the building look dull and embalmed. Sheesh.

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