110th Sunday of repression in Cuba: 65 Ladies in White arrested and some beaten by Castro State Security

The 110th Sunday of the #TodosMarchamos (we all march) protest march campaign in Cuba ended in the same way every other Sunday march of the campaign has ended: with violent repression and arrests of peaceful dissidents. In total, 65 Ladies in White were arrested by Cuban State Security with some of them being viciously beaten as they were apprehended.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

More than 60 Ladies in White arrested to prevent them from attending church and calling for the release of political prisoners


Throughout various provinces on the island this Sunday, some 65 Ladies in White were arrested according to preliminary reports given to Diario de Cuba by Maylen Gonzalez, one of the group’s members.

The arrests were aimed at preventing the members of the all-women movement from attending church services and taking to the streets to call for the release of political prisoners.

For more than a year now, the government has systematically impeded the organization’s activities and has used violent repression on its members. In the last few months, the majority of the group’s women have been issued citations and some have been imprisoned.

Gonzalez reported that in Havana, 21 women were arrested this Sunday, among them Berta Soler, the organization’s leader. Angel Moya, her husband and former prisoner of conscience from the group of 75, was also arrested.

Soler was intercepted upon leaving the headquarters of the Ladies in White to participate in the #TodosMarchamos campaign for the release of political prisoners.

“Her arrest was violent, aggressive. Berta was beaten by female police officers and military personnel. They pulled her by her hair, almost yanking it off her scalp and dragged her away to a police car,” said Gonzalez.

According to Gonzalez 12 to 15 agents participated in the arrest.

She added that after the arrests, the headquarters of the Ladies in White continued “under siege” by a repressive operation that had been deployed since the early morning hours of last Thursday.

In addition, 22 Ladies in White were arrested in Matanzas; 10 in Santiago de Cuba; 8 in Bayamo; 3 in Santa Clara; and one in Ciego de Avilia said Gonzalez. Furthermore, Gonzalez also denounced the arrest of at least 4 other human rights activists.